The Basics of Fire Alarm Maintenance in Phoenix


A well maintained and serviced fire alarm system here in Phoenix,az is one of the most important steps to take in protecting your property and the people inside your buildings. However, a poorly serviced and maintained fire alarm, will lead to hazards in the safety of your building and fire alarm system. As a business owner you should always have your fire alarm system tested, inspected, and maintained at least once a year by a professional fire alarm company, like Titan Alarm.

You may be asking yourself, what does a fire alarm inspection for my company in Phoenix and beyond look like? Well here are the most common steps that are taken by our company to do a full inspection to make sure your fire alarm system is safe and properly functioning.


Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire alarm system maintenance and testing all starts with the visual inspection of your fire alarm system. When the technician is doing the visual inspection, they will be looking for things like damaged or missing notifiers, functioning pull stations, possibly alarm system components being installed in the wrong locations, and pieces of your system that may be out dated and need to be upgraded to keep you and your business safe with a functioning fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Inspections in Phoenix, Arizona

Every second counts when there’s a fire.


When you own a business, or own facilities, having a fire alarm system installed on the premises, isn’t enough to fully protect your business and facilities. For your protection and success, your fire alarm system needs to be running at maximum efficiency and it needs to comply with all local, state and federal fire codes. By following this, not only will it help boost your company and property’s safety, but it will also help reduce the expense that is spent when there is an emergency repair that needs to be done. When weighing everything that the inspection can hold, one of the biggest questions that comes to mind is “What does a fire alarm inspection look like and include?” Well the following points are just a few of the main points we hit during an inspection.

Titan Alarm’s certified fire experts share four steps of a fire alarm inspection:

1. Testing and calibrating fire alarm sensors. The sensors that will be tested include flame and smoke detectors, and the proper calibration requires the know how of the requirements needing for testing, failure modes and the procedures for re-installation.

2. Testing inputs. The expert performing this test should have specific knowledge of the system they are testing, specific to its settings and installation.

3. Setting the sensitivity levels. This also requires an understanding of the system, its application and the fire detection theory.

4. Checking battery levels. Noting the expiration date is important as well as if there is any corrosion occurring. If necessary, the appropriate action should be taken to replace the battery.

While all of these steps are critical to your system’s proper functioning, there are also many other steps that the Titan Alarm team includes in our full coverage approach to current fire alarm system evaluations and possibilities to upgrade to a new fire alarm system and design. During our evaluation, there will be multiple factors being played into the equation of the evaluation, such as  an the system’s age, the efficiency of the fire alarm system and maintenance.


Fire Alarm Maintenance, Testing and Inspection

Here at Titan Alarm, we use a very strict and rigorous routine to make sure that our fire alarm testing process goes above and beyond to ensure that your system is functioning and keeping you safe at all times. During our Testing, Inspection and Maintenance of your Phoenix Fire Alarm System, we will test the following:

  • Test the alarm control panel functions
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Clean all smoke detectors with nitrogen
  • Test all manual pull stations and heat detectors to make sure they interact properly with the alarm panel
  • Test and inspect all audible and visual devices to ensure that they are unobstructed and activate properly when required
  • Perform a random check of circuit supervision to ensure the fire alarm panel detects an open circuit
  • Load test stand-by batteries and check auxiliary functions, such as door or damper release
  • Test stand-by battery charger
  • Verify the central station monitoring company received the appropriate signals
  • Test remote annunciator to verify it accurately portrays where the alarm exists in the protected premises
  • Test duct detectors and ensure proper unit shutdown, when necessary
  • Check any auxiliary devices, including door holders and duct dampers, to make sure they activate properly


Fire Alarm Maintenance – Documentation

Once our trained technicians finish the maintenance service required for your Fire Alarm System, we will make sure you receive a copy of the records we have taken in case we have found any issues, and you will also receive recommendations on how we can improve your system and also what needs to be repaired on your fire alarm system as well. As the owner of a business, you are the one who is responsible for making sure the repairs are done and up to standards. If the repairs are not done properly, they can be subject to be fined. Once the fire alarm system testing and inspection is finished, we will provide you with total documentation of our visit and process.

Fire alarm testing, inspection and maintenance is the most important thing you can do to protect your property and your building. If you need service for your Phoenix or Arizona fire alarm, don’t wait – call Titan Alarm today!

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.