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Most people in populated areas keep their doors locked at night and when they are away from the house. These practices are a great first line of defense, and certainly prevent the laughably easy tactic of simply walking in and walking out with valuables. However, for anyone with a little skill and a little time, home locks are stupidly easy, and relatively useless for providing actual protecting.

As any locksmith can tell you, picking a lock is actually quite easy. Tools are easy to make – a piece of hard wire such as an old bicycle spoke filed to the proper shape and perhaps an old bristle from a street sweeper that you can find just lying in the street will often do the trick. And while they are illegal in many jurisdictions, buying such tools is anything but impossible, thanks to the internet.

You might think, “OK, thieves might easily get in, but I’ll just keep my valuables in a heavy safe.” This is a great idea, except that safes aren’t as safe as you think. It’s a lot harder to get into a safe than a home, due to the specialized combination locks that are designed to be pick-resistant, but trusting the weight of a safe to prevent someone carrying it off is silly. You were able to get the safe into the house – a thief can get it out. Most of them plan for this and bring a dolly, which makes the process relatively straightforward and simple.

Bolting a safe down makes it much harder to remove, especially if the bolts are welded into place. But even a bolted-down safe can be moved with the proper equipment. Again, if it was built, it can be dismantled; if it was moved in, it can be moved out. So, with this uncertainty, is there no way to properly defend against determined thieves?

One line of defense that has a very low likelihood of being defeated, while simultaneously not breaking the bank, is a Titan Phoenix security system. Titan systems utilize a multi-tiered defense configuration. The first line of defense is a sensitive alarm network. All doors and windows use a high-tech magnetic system to determine which zones are being breached. Motion detectors within the house ensure that in the weird case of someone entering through some opening that is not a door or window (or in the more plausible case of a window being left open when the alarm is armed), the alarm will still sound. All of these alerts and alarms are synched with the owner’s mobile device. Unlike early alarm systems that simply sounded a tone in the home, but did nothing to actually alert anyone, Titan’s systems ensure that you’ll know immediately when defenses are breached.

Finally, a closed circuit camera system, also synched with your mobile device, means that you can monitor your home in real time from a remote location. And with a direct link to the police department even if you’re unable to see the notifications, the system will spread the alarm automatically, in the event of a break-in.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.