The Best School Safety Precautions



Tragic events at schools have underscored the need to ramp up security efforts to ensure the safety of students, teachers and administrators. Schools across the United States are now implementing stronger safety and security protocols with the hope of preventing an attack. In this post, we will examine the best practices for school security and emergency preparedness planning.

Make Property Improvements

Basic safety procedures in schools include finding ways to make the property as inaccessible to intruders as possible. This can include everything from installing a fence or other type of security perimeter to setting up surveillance cameras and implementing an access control system. Key areas that require close monitoring include entrances, parking lots, student common areas and playgrounds. A consultation with a capable security professional can help you determine your facility’s areas of vulnerability.

Limit Building Access During School Hours

One of the most essential safety precautions at school is monitoring who is entering and exiting the building during school hours. Designate only the main entrance for guest access and post signs on other external doors that direct visitors to this entry point. Require all visitors to sign in at the office and issue them a visitor’s badge that must be clearly displayed at all times. Instruct teachers and students to report the presence of anyone who appears suspicious. Keep external doors locked during instructional periods and whenever they are not actively in use.

Develop a Plan

Developing an emergency preparedness plan that thoroughly addresses procedures such as lockdowns, evacuations and emergency communications is vital for maximizing safety in a school. The plan should be coordinated with local law enforcement and public safety officials and be updated on a regular basis as needed. Conducting regular drills is also a critical step to ensure that the plan will be executed as quickly and efficiently as possible during a crisis.

Create a Security Team

An active shooter situation or similar event is likely to cause a panic. One of the most important safety measures in schools is to have a team consisting of teachers and administrators in place that can take charge when a security issue occurs. Each team member should have a specified role to execute during an emergency.

Focus on Improving Student Relationships

As we have seen in the past, violent acts at schools are sometimes perpetrated by emotionally troubled students. Creating a safe, supportive environment where students feel comfortable approaching teachers and administrators if they have an issue can allow them to seek the help they need. Teachers should watch for students who appear withdrawn or upset and get parents involved whenever necessary.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.