The Future of Home Automation



There is no doubt that home automation is the wave of the future when it comes to home security — residential property owners in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona are continuing to discover the many benefits of living in a “smart” home, especially the ability to integrate various security system features and operate and monitor them remotely with a mobile device.

As automation technology evolves, it will continue to shape the future of home security. Here’s a brief glimpse at some of the top trends in home security systems over the next 3-5 years:

  • Integration of alarm and lighting systems. This enables the activation of a home’s lighting whenever a burglar triggers an alarm or motion sensors, which gives the intruder an extra incentive to flee as quickly as possible.
  • Further development of home cloud solutions. Home cloud solutions encompass three types of digital data — content, sensors and productivity. As this technology continues to evolve, expect to see changes such as an increase in video storage capacity and greater interactivity with all cloud-based security system features.
  • Use of pocket drones. Android-controlled pocket-sized drones are available that can fly at an altitude of 20 feet and capture critical information that aids the identification of a burglar or assailant.
  • Implementation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth technology can facilitate control of home lighting systems and allow homeowners to snap photos of visitors at the door for identification purposes. Low-power Wi-Fi can transform a standard smoke detector into a more effective “connected” home security device.
  • Enhanced video monitoring capabilities. Improvements in video monitoring capabilities will allow homeowners and security system monitoring services to keep a closer watch on a property. Users will be able to monitor multiple points of data such as movement, temperature and sound as well as connect with other system devices for a more robust security solution.
  • Improved sensors. Manufacturers are continuing to improve the technology in the sensors used in devices such as motion detectors and surveillance cameras, which will enable a more proactive approach to home security.
  • Advanced wireless technology. Advancements in wireless home automation technology will make wireless systems even more attractive to property owners who want maximum installation flexibility and an increase in accessible monitoring points around the home. Wireless smart home video surveillance systems should become even more cost-effective over the next few years.
  • Improved user experience. Understanding the need to make home security systems as user-friendly as possible, manufacturers will continue to seek ways to improve system features so that even technology novices can use them effectively and efficiently. A focus on upgrading mobile apps should also make remote monitoring an even more attractive feature for system owners.

Titan Alarm Will Keep Abreast of the Top Trends in Home Security Systems

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