The Truth About Video Surveillance and Security Cameras



Here at Titan Alarm we receive a lot of calls from potential customers wanting to install a home video surveillance system and security cameras, and for a good reason too. When Titan Alarm helps you install your video surveillance systems they can be very helpful to help deter burglaries and theft.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there about video surveillance and it’s role in security, many times this leads to expectations that are just unrealistic.

So let’s put the truth out there, if you’re starting to look into a home video surveillance system, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you what really matters and what doesn’t.


  • Cameras won’t do what you see on CSI (at least not in your price range) Police TV shows and Cop Dramas show glorified surveillance cameras and video surveillance systems. It’s pretty often in the shows for a police officer to zoom in on a blurry video, stroke the keyboard a few times and magically see a clear picture of a suspect’s face.Don’t misunderstand us, technology like this exists. But it’s far more expensive than what you would expect. (Even major police departments don’t have that kind of technology.)


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  • Wireless Cameras aren’t exactly “no wires”Most people want wireless security systems and wireless video surveillance systems for their home because they think they’ll get out of having to run wires through the walls.Although the are for sure some easy-to-install wireless video cameras these is always one wire that no one thinks about, and it’s the power cable. It just wouldn’t be smart for a video surveillance camera to be running on a battery, they’d most likely have to be replaced daily, so even though there are wireless video surveillance cameras they still need to be plugged into power outlets.The “wireless” part means they transmit video signal wirelessly.


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Now that we’ve gotten those two misconceptions out of the way let’s get into some things you should pay attention to when considering a Home Video Surveillance Camera System.

  • Type of CameraDon’t use a cheap webcam from a big box store like Walmart or Target, those are almost always designed for video chatting or other close up situations, they aren’t designed for a further view like you will need with surveillance camera systems. There are two main types of security cameras that we recommend for Home Security and that’s a dome camera and a bullet camera.


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  • Image Types
    This all depends on where you’re planning on having your cameras installed, you will need to consider what type of image the camera you’re buying can produce. Here’s a few examples of the cameras.

    • Black & White – Video Surveillance Cameras change into Black & White at night, or when it’s dark, doing so let’s the cameras have a better, sharper, clearer picture in low light.
    • Infrared (IR) – Cameras with Infrared capabilities work even in settings when it’s dark or there’s low light. Luckily since IR is invisible to humans the cameras can be recording whats happening even when it looks like it’s completely dark.


Hopefully this whole posting has allowed you more insight into the Video Surveillance and Security Cameras world. If you have any questions about this or want a consultation contact us today!!

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.