Titan Security Solutions for Phoenix Security


Titan Alarm is the best choice for your Phoenix security needs, for a few reasons. We’re locally owned and operated, so you know that our systems are tailored specifically for your needs, and you know we’re not pre-occupied halfway across the nation. We provide security to primarily the Phoenix area, with a few other locations around Arizona and the Southwest.

Our state of the art systems do much more than simply scaring off burglars. Via text, you’ll receive instant notifications and updates about your system. You’ll know the second it goes off, and will know which doors and windows have been compromised. Our systems also let you know if the power has gone out in the rest of the neighborhood if the power is out to your house. This makes a big difference, since a neighborhood power outage is most likely benign.

Titan Security Solutions have features beyond security. Our systems integrate with the thermostat in your home to keep the interior at the perfect temperature. This helps you save money, since the climate system can keep the temperature closer to the outside when the house is empty. For example, in summer, Phoenix is incredibly hot and the need for air conditioning makes the electric bill skyrocket. With Titan’s intelligent climate control system, the thermostat can be kept higher during the day when the rates and temperature are high, but no one is home to need cool rooms anyway.

Our great Phoenix solutions are ideal for your home. Everything is controlled by one central device, helping you live more cheaply, safely and happily.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.