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If you are a builder, construction company operator or contractor, you know how difficult it is to monitor the activities of workers and visitors – some of whom may feel free to help themselves to any tools and equipment they can get their hands on. A construction site can also be a prime target for theft, vandalism and other criminal activities when no one is there. Fortunately, you can use construction site remote video surveillance to keep your sites under constant watch at all times.

What to Consider When Implementing a Construction Jobsite Surveillance System

With the advancements in security system technology, it is now easier than ever to create an effective, fully customized construction site surveillance system consisting of wireless video cameras and other high-tech devices. However, it is important to take several important factors into consideration prior to making an investment in surveillance equipment:

  • What are your most critical security risks? Is your jobsite located in a high-crime area where theft and vandalism pose a constant threat? Have you had a lingering problem with internal theft, perhaps due to the inability to keep a close eye on your workers?
  • What security measures do you currently institute at your jobsites? Evaluate your current security procedures and protocols to determine their strengths, and more importantly, their vulnerabilities. For instance, if your jobsites typically have many blind spots or hidden areas, you may need to place highly visible security cameras at these locations to deter theft and/or unauthorized access.
  • Do you seem to have an issue with perimeter breaches? There’s a good chance that if the perimeter at your jobsite has one vulnerable areas, an enterprising thief will find it. Placing cameras that can closely monitor gaps in fencing and other unsecured areas can prove to be an extremely effective perimeter security step.
  • Do you have any unguarded tool/equipment storage areas at your jobsites? It may be impractical at many temporary construction sites to keep tools and equipment under lock and key. Implementing a fixed video surveillance camera system at storage areas may be the only way to prevent expensive theft losses at your jobsites.
  • Are you choosing a reputable, experienced construction jobsite-surveillance system provider? When selecting a video surveillance system provider, it is imperative to choose a company that understands the risks that are specific to construction sites, and that also offers the most reliable, technologically advanced security solutions on the market.

Reasons You Need Video Surveillance for Your Construction Site

Do construction sites need video surveillance? When you consider the numerous risks that are present at virtually every site such as theft, vandalism and liability, it’s easy to see why installing an advanced camera system makes good sense for site owners, project managers and safety coordinators.

Construction site video surveillance benefits include:

  1. Theft prevention: Construction sites typically contain lumber, steel, copper pipes, power tools and other valuable materials and equipment — all of which make attractive targets for enterprising thieves. A construction site surveillance system can deter internal and external theft and provide video evidence when a theft occurs.
  2. Vandalism prevention: Vandalism is a serious issue at many construction sites, and the resulting damage to the structure or heavy equipment can derail the progress of a building project. A camera system will provide 24/7 monitoring that enables the detection of vandals and trespassers even when the site is unoccupied.
  3. Improved site safety: Worker safety is always a concern at construction sites. Video surveillance gives site safety coordinators the opportunity to monitor workers to ensure they are adhering to all applicable safety guidelines. It can also help to identify areas where additional training is necessary.
  4. Increased efficiency: Project managers and supervisors cannot monitor the actions of every worker throughout the entire day. However, video surveillance does enable a review of live and recorded camera feeds so they can target specific areas of the site and determine if the work is progressing in an efficient manner.
  5. Liability protection: Construction sites present the risk of injury to workers and passersby — which poses a potential liability issue for site owners. Video surveillance can help to prevent unfounded worker’s compensation claims and frivolous liability lawsuits.
  6. Remote monitoring capabilities: Another valuable benefit of video surveillance for construction sites is the ability to monitor camera feeds via smartphone, tablet or Web-enabled computer. The site management team can monitor activities on a 24/7 basis from home, the office or anywhere else.

Elements of a Construction Site Surveillance System

Wireless surveillance systems work well for construction site security, as they provide flexibility for camera placement to cover the most vulnerable areas. They also enable a faster setup and removal than hard-wired systems, which is more compatible with use at temporary job sites. Vandal-proof night vision security cameras with HD resolution ensure clear video feeds around the clock.

While remote monitoring is an optional feature with most video surveillance systems, it makes sense for construction site environments due to their high risk and the fact that they are usually unoccupied during the nighttime hours.

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