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Why is school safety important, and why is technology important in schools? One only has to look at the proliferation of active shooter incidents and other acts of violence occurring in schools across the U.S. in recent years to understand the need to protect our kids. Technology can play a critical role in school safety efforts by helping to detect and deter various security threats. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the top school safety and security technologies that are currently available.

Electronic Access Control

Allowing individuals to enter a school or campus building at will poses a significant security risk. Keycard access systems enable schools to maintain control over who can enter a building at any given time. Unlike a traditional lock-and-key system where locks need to be changed if a student or teacher loses a key, the access control system administrator only needs to deactivate a misplaced keycard. For maximum security, a card-reading device should be placed at every building entrance, not just a main door.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras serve as extra sets of eyes that can provide 24/7 monitoring of the most vulnerable security areas on a school property. Cameras provide live feeds that can be viewed by school officials throughout the day. They can also make available recorded video for review by administrators and even law enforcement personnel if a break-in or other event occurs.

Visitor Check-in Systems

Simply requiring visitors to sign in at the office upon arrival may not be enough to deter an individual with intent to do harm: You can never really know for sure who that person is and what is in his background. Electronic check-in systems connected to a database are now available that can scan the visitor’s state-issued ID. The school official will receive an alert if there is something in the individual’s background that warrants concern.

Panic Buttons

School safety technology is also available for individuals. One example is a panic button that teachers and administrators can attach to a belt or wear around their neck. When a classroom incident or other security issue occurs, the individual simply presses the button, which sends an immediate alert to school officials and authorities. The key benefit of panic buttons is that no time is wasted by having to make a phone call or run to another area of the building to seek help.

Emergency Alerts

An emergency alert system facilitates communication among school officials, students, parents and the community during a crisis. It can also prevent the spread of unfounded rumors, which is often an issue when a security issue arises. Examples of emergency alerts include automated text messages or emails that are sent out at regular intervals.

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