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Home Alarms Systems Tucson

When you purchase an alarm system, it is absolutely essential that the company and their representatives know how the bad guys think. Titan Security Systems in Tucson, Arizona, sells and installs home alarms and commercial security systems according to your specific location and needs.

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Titan Alarm Preferred Alarm System for Tucson, AZ

Known for being ahead of its time, 2GIG has the most updated technology and was named 2011 electronics product of the year. It brings you great peace of mind as your home or business is connected to police, fire, and medical. This technologically advanced system is great for anyone that wants home automation or a medical device for the elderly.

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• Home Automation Remote Control Access
– Lights
– Locks
– Thermostats
• Remote Access to Your Phone or Computer
• Monitoring Starting at $29.99
• Full Warranty Covers Parts & Labor
• Interactive Keypad

Other Options
• Wireless Systems
• Two-Way Voice
• Mobile Phone APS
• Interactive Services
• Email Alerts
• Weather Alerts

Free Home Security Consultations and Assessments in Tucson, AZ

Titan Security Systems conducts free, over-the-phone estimates, or arranges a free in-home consultation at a time that is convenient for you. Our representative asks about your family’s lifestyle, habits, and routines to determine what components and design configuration is most appropriate.

Our trained, experienced representative evaluates all of the information gathered in the professional assessment and provides a complete, easy-to-understand recommendation to secure your family and belongings. It is a transparent disclosure on how the alarm system works, the costs, and the warranty associated with your selected system.

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