Types of Businesses Most Likely to be Targeted by Thieves



How likely is it that your Phoenix-area business will become the target of a robbery, break-in or employee theft? While just about any business that handles cash or keeps anything of value is vulnerable to theft, some are at higher risk than others. In this post, we’ll list the most common types of businesses targeted by thieves and offer a few business security tips that can prevent you from becoming the next victim.

Retail Stores

Retail businesses are targeted by robbers for several reasons. Many are open at night, and in some cases, around the clock, which provides convenient access for thieves. They also keep cash on hand and typically have few employees on duty. While retail robberies are most often associated with convenience stores, they also occur at supermarkets, gas stations, liquor stores and jewelry stores. Employee theft is also an issue in many retail outlets.


A reporter once asked notorious bank robber Willie Sutton why he chose to rob banks, and he responded, “Because that’s where the money is.” Although banks typically present a more difficult theft challenge than retail stores, the lure of large amounts of cash make them a favorite target of robbers. While most banks now have sophisticated business alarm systems in place, they do not completely prevent robberies from occurring.

Warehouses/Distribution Centers

The major theft prevention issue in warehouses is not robbery or burglary — the main threat typically comes from the inside. Most warehouses are large structures containing several “blind spots,” which makes it difficult to monitor all employee movements. Employees who have worked in the warehouse for a long stretch of time have the opportunity to determine the facility’s most vulnerable areas. In many facilities, it’s relatively easy for employees avoid detection when attempting to steal goods.

Construction Sites

Construction sites contain valuable equipment that is attractive to thieves. Perpetrators include construction workers who walk off the jobsite with expensive tools, as well as burglars who target unoccupied jobsites during the nighttime hours. The temporary nature of most construction jobs usually makes providing effective site security a daunting challenge.

Transport Sites

Large trucks that transport goods are another prime target of thieves. Tractor-trailers filled with valuable merchandise present significant security issues, particularly when the trucks are left unguarded in a freight yard or when drivers leave them unattended on the road.

How to Reduce the Theft Risk at Your Business

Steps for making your business less vulnerable to robbery and theft include:

  • Improving visibility by altering the layout to eliminate blind spots
  • Keeping the interior and exterior of your facility well lit
  • Paying close attention to property upkeep
  • Posting signs that prohibit trespassing and loitering
  • Installing modern business surveillance systems and alarms

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.