Top 10 Unexpected Fire Hazards in Your Home



Most of us are familiar with the more common home fire hazards — unattended cooking, a faulty heating unit, smoking in bed — but there are also many hidden fire hazards that could be lurking in or around your home right now. Here is a look at 10 unexpected fire hazards to watch for in your home:

  1. Aging electrical outlets: If you have an older home, check for loose electrical outlets that could overheat and start a fire. A good method to tell if an outlet is not tight enough is if a plug does not fit securely.
  1. Phone chargers: Many of us charge our smartphones overnight while we sleep. However, an inferior-quality charger can overcharge the battery, which could cause a fire. The best bet is to use a charger that is specifically recommended for use with your device.
  1. Heated glass: The Phoenix area’s blistering temperatures and relentless sunshine can cause glass objects to absorb heat and catch fire if placed near a window that receives direct sunlight.
  1. Dryer lint: The lint that accumulates in your clothes dryer is highly flammable, which is why you should clean the lint trap and ventilation system on a regular basis.
  1. Improper rag disposal: Throwing oily rags into a clothes hamper or allowing them to pile up in your garage can pose a home fire hazard — all it takes is exposure to the right amount of oxygen to cause them to ignite.
  1. Shoddy repair work: While many of us attempt to save money by performing minor HVAC or electrical repair work on our own, improperly performed repairs can create a fire hazard. The safe alternative is to call a professional to handle more complex repair tasks.
  1. Dusty electronic equipment: The heat generated by electronic equipment and electrical appliances combined with the dust that accumulates on these products can pose a fire risk.
  1. Batteries: Batteries stored close to metal objects can produce a spark that could cause nearby flammable items to ignite. Keep new batteries in their package until you are ready to use them, and be sure to properly dispose of old batteries.
  1. Unsafe fireplace use: If your home has a fireplace, keep all flammable objects (including your pets!) at a safe distance to avoid contact with sparks. Also, have your chimney professionally cleaned prior to the start of the fireplace season.
  1. Light bulbs: Light bulbs don’t only produce light — they can also generate a significant amount of heat. An exposed light bulb that meets a flammable object can cause a fire.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.