Vacation Tips to Keep Your Home Safe


We all love going on vacation, whether its to get away to a tropical paradise or a weekend getaway to the cabin up north. One of the most important things about taking a vacation is making sure your home is secure while you’re away. The easiest way to get the most coverage is with a home security system from Titan Alarm, we offer 24/7 monitoring, access to your cameras from your smart phone or web browser, notifications any time a door or window are opened, and a notification anytime someone rings your doorbell. Along with our system here are a few tips we recommend to keep your home safe while you’re away.

1. Make sure you install door and window shades and blinds, that will make it difficult for a potential burglar to see if someone is home.


2. Motion controlled outdoor lighting is one of the biggest deterrents for outside movement. It also helps keep your lights from staying on all day over a long period of time.


3. If you’re doing a home renovation make sure you don’t leave ladders in sight, they’re an open invitation for burglars. Along with keeping ladders hidden keep any tools inside and locked up so that they can’t be used to break in as well.


4. Before you leave trim or replace large bushes that cover and windows or doors, this will prevent burglars from being able to hide behind them while they try to pry open any doors or windows.



5.Put your TV, lights and radio on the Titan Alarm controlled appliance outlets so you can turn on your appliances while you’re away from your phone with the application, giving the appearance that someone is home.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.