Video Surveillance Guide for Schools



Parents and educators understand the importance of creating a safe environment in a school setting. The increase in violent acts occurring at institutions ranging from elementary schools to college campuses has made school safety a higher priority than ever.

Many school systems are turning to video surveillance to deter crime, prevent bullying, thwart sexual predators and create a safer, more secure environment for teachers, students and administrators.

Do Schools Need Video Surveillance?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from tragic events such as the Sandy Hook and Columbine shootings, as well as the widespread bullying that seems to impact every school system, the problem of school violence isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. The implementation of video surveillance and other security measures such as access control systems and intrusion detection devices is essential for mounting an effective defense against dangerous behavior.

What Are the Benefits of Video Surveillance in Schools?

The pros of school video surveillance include:

Immediate intrusion detection: Cameras enable school officials to remotely monitor all building entrances to determine if unauthorized individuals are attempting to slip in undetected. They also enable a fast response to catch intruders in the act.

Monitoring “trouble spots”: Video surveillance allows for the monitoring of hidden areas on the property where students may engage in inappropriate behavior.

Visual evidence: Recorded video from camera feeds can serve as evidence when apprehending and prosecuting child predators, burglars and others who commit or attempt to commit crimes on school property.

Parking lot security: Visible cameras in school parking lots protect teachers’ and administrators’ vehicles and provide additional security for parents and students when attending nighttime school events.

Monitoring student behavior: Cameras help administrators watch for signs of bullying, fighting and general misconduct.

Cost savings: A video security camera system can provide a more cost-effective alternative to hiring human security guards, an important consideration for school systems operating on tight budgets.

Greater peace of mind: An unseen but equally important school video surveillance benefit is that it can help frightened students feel better about going to school each day, while giving parents and educators the peace of mind of knowing that the schools are as safe as possible.

School Video Surveillance Effects on Student Learning

Video surveillance can also contribute to a more productive educational setting. Teachers and students can focus on learning instead of worrying about whether an act of violence is about to occur.

Cameras also help to minimize fighting, bullying and other distractions that create a challenging learning environment. Some school systems place video cameras in classrooms so they can monitor teachers’ attitudes and instructional methodologies.

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