Video Surveillance Guide for Small Businesses



If you’re like many small business owners in the Phoenix area, you need to find ways to keep your costs under control. Consequently, you might view the installation of a security system as an additional expense that you simply cannot afford. However, a video surveillance system can prove to be a wise long-term investment that will save you money and make a positive contribution to your business’s profitability.

The benefits of video surveillance in a small workplace include:

  • Minimizing theft loss – Companies throughout the U.S. lose a total of approximately $400 billion to theft each year. While much of the theft results from shoplifting and burglary, internal theft is a serious issue for many small businesses. Strategically placed small business security cameras can deter external and employee theft and catch perpetrators in the act.
  • Lower insurance premiums – Are you fed up with escalating premiums for your business insurance? Many insurers offer a discount to companies that install a small business video surveillance system, as the enhanced protection reduces the likelihood of filing a claim.
  • Increasing productivity – While it may seem “Big Brotherish,” video surveillance systems can boost small business productivity. Employees who know they’re being watched tend to work harder and spend less time at the watercooler or gossiping with coworkers.
  • Monitoring shopping patterns – In addition to offering protection against shoplifting, video surveillance for small businesses enables you to monitor customer shopping activity throughout the day. This can help you gain valuable insight into what attracts customers — and what turns them off.
  • Creating a safer work environment – Even small businesses are not immune to workplace violence and sexual harassment. Video surveillance enables you to detect signs of inappropriate behavior before it can escalate into a serious or even tragic event. This can also have a positive effect on employee morale and productivity.
  • Balancing your staffing needs – If you operate a retail store, restaurant or other small business that involves heavy customer interaction, a surveillance system can help you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring sufficient staffing. For instance, you can view your live and recorded camera feeds to determine if your service staff is overwhelmed or has little to do during specific times of the day, and then adjust your scheduling accordingly.
  • Greater peace of mind – Your employees and customers will have greater peace of mind knowing that you’ve installed a small business video surveillance system. Your workers can focus on doing their jobs, while your customers can peruse your goods and move about the premises without concern for their personal safety.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities – Small business surveillance systems now include remote monitoring so you can keep an eye on your establishment with your smartphone or tablet, even when you’re running errands or at home.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.