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Video Surveillance

Sometimes, you need the reassurance of seeing for your own eyes that your property is safe and secure. Titan Alarm Inc.’s video surveillance equipment provides the ideal complement to our residential and commercial security systems. A valued partner to homes and businesses in the Paradise Valley area, our video surveillance systems offer peace of mind at an affordable price point.

Home Video Surveillance

Home video surveillance begins by installing a series of cameras in strategic locations around your property. These cameras capture video in full color HD and stream to a secure server where they are monitored by our team. In most systems, video can be viewed from any internet-enabled computer, or via our proprietary mobile app. It’s easy, it’s straightforward and it’s available around the clock.

Some benefits of making Titan Alarm your exclusive provider of video monitoring in Paradise Valley include:

Video surveillance protects your home in the event of an emergency and lets you keep an eye on things when you’re away. With many homeowners’ insurance policies, you may even qualify for a reduced rate by installing one of our products. Give Titan Alarm a call today to request a quote or learn more about the advanced capabilities of our sophisticated residential systems.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Most businesses already have some form of video surveillance installed, but very few are using reliable, modern systems that offer HD quality, long-term storage and sophisticated monitoring and alerting capabilities. If you’re ready to upgrade and bring this important security feature into the 21st century, give our team a call today.

With Titan Alarm’s commercial video surveillance, Paradise Valley businesses can:

Our systems can be customized to meet the unique needs of any commercial property, whether it’s an office, an apartment building, a manufacturing plant or anything else. Endlessly scalable without a large investment in infrastructure, our high-end, cloud-based products can be installed in facilities of any size. Find out today why we’re the serious business’ choice for commercial video monitoring in Paradise Valley.

Maintenance and Service

Both commercial and residential customers benefit from our unmatched service capabilities. As a local, family-owned business, we respond quickly and effectively when there’s an issue with your system. We can also help you develop a preventative maintenance plan that avoids problems to begin with. Depending on the nature of your video configuration, our technicians will visit regularly to inspect, test, clean and provide other necessary maintenance for all of your important surveillance components.

In your home or your business, security begins with vigilance, and video surveillance systems are a great way of staying vigilant even when you not physically on the property. To learn more, keep browsing our website or contact Titan Alarm to request a consultation.

Advanced Security Video Surveillance

In Scottsdale, AZ and throughout the region, both businesses and residential homeowners are searching for modern solutions to achieve a higher level of safety and security. Video monitoring of premises not only acts as a deterrent to illegal entry and activity, but it actually triggers a faster response and provides a valuable tool for catching perpetrators in the act. If you’re in the market for the very latest in residential or commercial video surveillance, Titan Alarm is a full service provider offering a complete range of products and capabilities.

Our automated, technically advanced security solutions deliver everything you need to keep your family, personal possessions, employees, customers or business assets safely under lock and key. We’re among the largest installers of IP video cameras and systems for video monitoring in Scottsdale and across Arizona. Our systems are fully integrated, highly effective and accessible 24/7 via mobile device or secure online computer portal.

Residential Video Surveillance

Whether you own a single family home or live in a townhouse or condominium, we offer customized video monitoring systems based on your specific needs. You gain the dual advantage of being able to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your residence at all times along with an added layer of security in case of an intrusion. In the event of burglary or an emergency, our advanced security systems will instantly alert the central-control monitoring center for the fastest possible response. Benefits of Titan Alarm residential video surveillance in Scottsdale include:

Commercial Video Surveillance in Scottsdale

Scottsdale businesses are better able to protect their most important assets with modern HD video surveillance systems. Titan Alarm partners with everyone from retail stores, office complexes and medical facilities to schools, warehouses and financial institutions to deliver cost-effective security solutions customized to your needs. Our patented product known as Videofied combines the latest intrusion detection technology with short video clips to provide the highest level of protection against unauthorized activity.

In addition to video event verifying, cloud recording and video monitoring, we also offer:

Inquire About Video Monitoring in Scottsdale

We offer the top selling fully automated security system in Arizona and across the nation backed by knowledgeable customer service and technical support. Learn more about our commercial and residential video surveillance solutions and request a free quote from Titan Alarm today.

What You Get When You Choose Titan Alarm as Your Video Surveillance Company

When you decide to install video cameras, you want to do it with a company you can trust. Titan Alarm Inc. is one of the biggest IP video camera installers in Arizona, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing.

Our HD-quality IP cameras can give you a complete picture of whatever is happening inside or outside of your facility. That “eyes-on” benefit can not only deter thieves, but can also encourage your employees to perform just as they would if you were on the premises.

Video Surveillance in Tucson, AZ

There are a few ways to protect your home or business from potential thieves, vandals and other intruders, but one of the most effective is video monitoring. In Tucson, having quality video cameras set up around your home or business is the next best thing to being there. In fact, in many ways it’s even better, since you have “eyes” on your property without putting yourself in physical danger from an intruder afraid of getting caught.

For quality security cameras in Tucson, you want the security camera company Tucson residents and businesses have come to trust: Titan Alarm Inc. We are your local, family-owned business with a full range of security alarm services that use state-of-the-art technology, including cutting-edge video surveillance equipment.

Contact Titan Alarm Inc. for Video Surveillance in Tucson, AZ, Today

You might pay any price to protect the people and things that are dearest to you. Fortunately, Titan Alarm Inc. video surveillance solutions are quite affordable and can save you a countless amount by preventing potential burglaries, vandalism or other criminal activity. You can start by calling for a completely free, no-obligation estimate on a video surveillance system for your home or business.

Contact us online or call us now at 602-680-4567.

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Commercial Security


Heightened Security With HD Video Surveillance

In Chandler and throughout the region, home and business owners are getting smart about keeping their premises as safe and secure as possible. When you partner with Titan Alarm for your security needs, you get a state-of-the-art surveillance and video monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around your residence or commercial location at any time. Our systems are fully automated, completely integrated with the latest technology and controllable at your convenience via smartphone app or secure online portal.

When you choose Titan Alarm for video monitoring in Chandler, you benefit from:

Residential Video Surveillance in Chandler

Installing a video surveillance system in your Chandler home means being able to keep a watchful eye on the people you care about the most, as well as your valuable property and possessions. Video monitoring not only allows you to control access to your home and visually confirm an alert or alarm, but it also lets you look in on what’s happening throughout your home whether you’re away on vacation, busy at work or simply lying in bed.

Features of our video surveillance systems include:

Commercial Video Surveillance

Chandler area businesses are able to monitor and record on-premise activities around the clock with 24/7 video monitoring. Titan provides advanced security solutions for commercial locations ranging from retail stores, office buildings and manufacturing centers to health centers, educational institutions and government buildings. No job is too big, small or complex for our highly trained service crews.

Options in commercial video surveillance for your Chandler business include:

Your Local Source for Wireless Video Monitoring

We’re the go-to source for video surveillance in Chandler, AZ and throughout the region. As a family owned and operated local provider, we go the extra mile to ensure the process of installation and performance of our security systems meet your complete satisfaction.

Stop wondering what’s going on inside your home or business with a wireless HD video monitoring system from Titan Alarm. Give us a call for more information or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

Why Should I Invest in Video Monitoring for My Home?

From Phoenix to Tucson and everywhere in between is Titan Alarm territory for the most affordable and effective methods for keeping your family and personal possessions safe. When you choose video monitoring for your home, you get the highest level of professional support that ensures your premises remain secure. With around-the-clock video monitoring of your home, 365 days a year from our central control center, you benefit from:

What Are the Benefits of Video Surveillance for My Home?

Arizona residences choose video surveillance from Titan because they want to be able to keep a watchful eye on the most important things in life. Whether you’re at work, on vacation or lying in bed, our video surveillance systems can let you know everything, from who’s knocking on your front door to what your babysitter is up to after the kids have been put to bed. Additional advantages of Titan Alarm video surveillance for your home include:

Residential Monitoring and Video Surveillance

No matter if you live in an apartment, townhouse or single-family residence, a modern home security system is your key to peace of mind. A Titan Alarm state-of-the-art surveillance and video monitoring system for your home not only means the ability to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your residence around the clock, it also provides another layer of protection. The central control monitoring center will be ready to respond to an alert or emergency at all times. If you’re wondering, “Where can I access video surveillance for my home?” Titan’s the answer. Whether you live in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert or anywhere else in the region, we have the system for you. We specialize in providing fully automated, easy-to-use systems that put the power of technology in the palm of your hands. From HD quality security video surveillance cameras to 24/7 video monitoring from virtually anywhere in the world, there’s a reason why we’re the smart choice for installing video monitoring for your home!

Where Can I Sign Up for Video Surveillance for My Home in Arizona?

If you’ve been wondering “What’s the best way to get video monitoring for my home?” Titan Alarm has the answer. We provide fast and convenient installation of video surveillance systems for homes in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tucson, Chandler and across the region. Keep a closer eye on your loved ones, property and valuables with the latest tools and technology. Give Titan Alarm a call or submit our online request form today for a free quote!

Video Surveillance in Phoenix

At Titan Alarm our goal is more than just providing a security system. Our goal is to be a consultant for all your security needs. We would like the opportunity to educate you on the solution that is the best fit for your changing needs. We will never quote your job over the phone because quoting a quality surveillance system requires experience, innovation, and creativity that can only be done on-site and in person. We provide the best quality security cameras, surveillance cameras, IP cameras, and CCTV cameras in Phoenix, to help protect you.


  • Real time display with multi-camera views from local network (LAN)
  • Remote viewing and management allows for off-site live or recorded viewing
  • 3G: See your cameras from your Blackberry, Droid, and iPhone
  • User definable quality, speed and scheduling of video for each camera
  • Search by alarm, motion detection or event.
  • Data encryption and authentication seal security recordings for added security


  • Visible cameras reduce chance of employee incidents
  • Monitor for shoplifters
  • Monitor outside vendors and service providers (delivery personnel, cleaning crews, etc.)
  • Monitor parking facilities for vehicle theft


  • Improve employee productivity
  • Monitor employee communication with customers
  • Monitor unacceptable behavior between employees


  • Identify vandals
  • Monitor vulnerable areas such as those under construction, etc.
  • Reduce property damage
  • Reduce break-ins to autos and/or facilities


  • Reduce incidents and insurance claims
  • Assist in the resolution of claims
  • May reduce insurance premiums

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