Ways to Create a Safe Play Space for Your Kids


Keeping babies and toddlers safe at home is naturally something that parents focus on. Whether you have a curious crawler or a toddler on a mission to explore your home, having a designated play area they can call their own makes it easier to have other rooms, like the laundry room, be off limits. This area can be in a separate room in your home or use an existing room, like the living room. Following these tips will help get you started.

Safe Furniture

Toddlers constantly use furniture to brace themselves while learning to walk. They also enjoy climbing on top of furniture. Use furniture guards on the sharp, pointed edges of wooden tables and bookcases to prevent bumps and bruises. Secure items such as dressers and television stands to the wall with brackets or furniture straps to keep them from tipping over onto your child. Make sure all buttons or decorative accents found on sofas or chairs are secure to reduce the likelihood of them coming off, which could present a choking hazard. Consider removing throw pillows or other items with these types of decoration out of the play area.

Kid-friendly Flooring

Kids are known for playing on the floor, so that is why it is important to have kid-friendly flooring for your child’s playroom. There are three great options when choosing flooring, including carpet, hardwood flooring and floor mats and rugs. Carpet is a wonderful option if you are looking for soft flooring. Hardwood flooring is great because it will withstand years of use. Floor mats and rugs are the ultimate option that allows you to add a soft touch to your hard surface flooring like wood or title.  Budget Blinds offers a variety of design options for children’s rugs that will match any child’s room décor. They are easy to clean when playtime is over, and regular cleaning will prevent dust and dirt build-up, especially critical if your child has allergies.


Keep all cords from electronics out of reach of children. Use flat outlet covers for all unused outlets, and use box type plug covers, such as the Safety 1st Outlet Cover, to protect toddlers from outlets that have electronics plugged in. It is also beneficial to strategically place furniture so that it blocks visibility of outlets. Take care to keep little fingers away from portable fans and heaters, or keep these items out of the areas where your toddler is free to play.


The best toys for young children are those that support intellectual growth and development while stimulating natural curiosity. These toys make use of vibrant colors, are smooth to the touch, and can easily be manipulated by small hands. Toys selected for your child should be age- appropriate. Age ratings on toys are a helpful safety feature. Toys intended for a 3-year-old could present a choking hazard for children ages 2 and younger due to small removable parts, or items like buttons or beads that may come loose. It is a good idea to stay at or below age ratings with toys you give to your toddler. Toys received as gifts can be stored until your child reaches the appropriate age.


It’s impossible to be with your child 100% of the time, but nothing is better than supervision where safety is concerned. Consider a second baby monitor or a surveillance camera for use in the play area. This gives you the freedom to be in another area of your home and still keep in touch with what’s happening with your little one.

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