What are “Geo-Services”?


Geo Services are an amazing piece of technology that can be highly utilized through Titan Alarm and Alarm.com.

It all begins with something called the “Geo-Fence”, the Geo-Fence is a ring around a specific location that you choose. Geo-Services will then use your location and track you using GPS built into your smart phone, if you ever enter or leave your Geo-Fence the rules that you have previously set up with each fence will be triggered and go to work.

What are the types of rules I can apply?

The following are some of the most frequently used rules and settings:

Thermostat Control: Leaving for the day? Want to save money on electric? Have your thermostat change temperatures when you’re not home or arriving home.
Arming Reminders: You can set it so when you leave your Geo-Fence, you’ll receive a reminder that your system wasn’t armed, if you did not arm it when you left.
Control Your Lights: Have your lights turn on or off whenever you leave or enter the geo-fence.
Stop or Start Video Recording: Have your cameras stop recording when you’re within the geo-fence and start when you leave, stopping any excess footage.

You can have multiple geo-fences, each with their own set of rules. You could leave your home’s geo-fence and receive an arming reminder, then enter the geo-fence surrounding your workplace and have your home’s automated thermostat adjust its temperature.

Geo-Services also allow multiple users and different rules and settings for each user.

How to Configure Geo-Services:

To use Geo-Services all you have to do is log into the Alarm.com app on your mobile device. Once logged in go to Options and choose “Geo-Services”.
Turn the option of Geo-Services to on.

*The GPS or Location Services on your phone must be turned on to use Geo-Services.

Now that your phone has Geo-Services enabled, you have to set up your rules.
To get you going on your own, here’s a step by step to set up a geo-fence and a location triggered event rule, so your lights will turn off when you leave.

1. Log into your account on titanalarm.net

2. Click on the Mobile tab, and then the Geo-Services link that’s below it

3. Create a geo-fence by clicking on the Add a Fence. Here you can specify the location of your geo-fence, change its name and radius (between 1-100 miles). Click Save when you’re finished

4. Click on the Light Automation Rules. To create a rule that automatically turns your lights off when exiting your geo-fence:


5.Click Save

It’s as easy as that.

Want to know more about Geo-Services and how they can be used with your Titan Alarm system? Contact Titan Alarm at 800-973-9001 or TEXT US at 623-523-4849

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.