What is Home Automation?



Home automation is a process that enables to homeowners to mechanize the control of devices and systems such as lighting, heating and cooling units, appliances, electronics and security systems. The homeowner can operate these fully integrated sub-systems via one master controller unit located in the home. Additionally, the homeowner can typically manage these “smart” systems remotely with an Internet-enabled desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet.

What Are the Benefits of Home Automation?

As home automation industry technology continues to evolve, more homeowners are taking advantage of the numerous smart home benefits. These include:

  • Energy efficiency: A smart home is an energy-efficient home. The ability to remotely turn off appliances and lights when not in use and program your HVAC unit to automatically adjust to changes in temperature can result in substantial savings on your monthly energy bills.
  • Comfort: The ability to remotely control your home’s temperature helps you improve your level of comfort. For example, you can automatically adjust the temperature on your way home for from work so you don’t have to enter a house that’s too hot or too cold.
  • Access control: If you travel a lot, a home automation system allows you to remotely unlock doors to let people in to look after your pets, water the plants, etc. while you’re away. You can also program the system so that doors unlock and relock at predetermined times.  No more hiding a key under the welcome mat or worrying that your neighbor will lose the key.
  • Convenience/time savings: If you’re like a lot of busy folks these days who are always on the go, you’ll appreciate the convenience of operating household appliances or adjusting the thermostat with your mobile device, even if you’re miles away from your house. And you won’t have to waste precious time running back home because you forgot to turn something on or off.
  • Safety and security: Automation can make your home a much safer place. In addition to automating or remotely controlling the operation of door locks, you can control the lighting to make it look as though someone is home while you’re away. You can also turn on interior lights prior to entering your home at night to make sure no one is lurking in a darkened room.

Another important home automation safety benefit is the ability to increase your property awareness via your home security system’s video surveillance cameras. You can view live or recorded camera feeds on your computer or mobile device 24/7, so you’ll always know what’s going on in and around your home. This gives you additional peace of mind if your kids come home from school while you’re still at work or if you leave them in the care of a nanny or babysitter.

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