What Security System Should I Get for a Rental Property?



Security can be a major issue when renting a house or apartment. In fact, renters are 85 percent more likely to experience a break-in than individuals who own their dwelling. In many cases, property owners do not make security a high priority — they choose not to install a home security system at their rental properties due to the cost or concerns over tenants damaging or failing to operate it properly. This leaves security-conscious renters in a position where they must fend for themselves.

How to Secure Your Rental Home

If you’re a renter concerned about security, there are several steps you can take to make your home safer. For instance, it’s important to know the front door is the most popular entry point for break ins — 34 percent of burglars use the front door to gain entrance to the home. Because of this, you will need a dependable door lock. Ask your property owner if they will install a deadbolt on the front door –— you could even volunteer to handle the project yourself. Even a chain lock will provide extra security at this vulnerable location.

Windows are another favorite point of entry for burglars, especially first-floor windows. If your windows do not have locks or if the locks are worn, you can install inexpensive alarms that detect strong vibrations such as when someone is attempting to break in. These devices contain an adhesive backing that makes them fast and easy to install — no drilling or wiring is required. If your apartment has sliding windows, placing a wooden or metal rod in the track will prevent a burglar from opening them from the outside.

Installing a Security System for a Rental Property

While upgrading door and window locks will make a rental property safer, installing an advanced home security system will provide extra protection and give renters peace of mind. Proprietors may object to the installation of a hardwired security system and many security companies won’t sell them to renters.

However, affordable wireless options are now available that are targeted toward tenants. These systems require no drilling or the laying of cables or wiring. They’re also easy to install and offer the advantage of portability, enabling renters to take the system with them when they move to a new apartment.

Another important benefit of wireless home security for renters is the utilization of cellular technology. This facilitates remote system monitoring, which is perfect for single people who frequently travel for work. Renters can use their smartphones or tablets to manage the system while they’re away from home. Cellular technology also enables a professional monitoring service to receive signals transmitted by the system without the need for a landline telephone.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.