When To Replace Your Old Security System


When you’re in bed at night after a long day of work, how safe do you really feel? Can you peacefully go to sleep knowing your house is burglar-proofed?

A home security system from Titan Alarm adds an extra strong deterrent for burglars to your home. A study conducted in 2013 by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has proved that a home security system really does help keep burglars away, the survey was done using convicted burglars. They found with the survey that 83% of them would try to find out if a home had an alarm system before attempting a break in. If there was an alarm, 50% of them said they would stop the burglary and another 11% said they would still attempt it.

Although the survey was only done 3 years ago, the times have changed and many more burglars have become much more aggressive. Despite the rise in home security systems, burglary and home break ins increase every year. Which leads us to this question, can your old security cameras and home alarm systems cut it in this new technologically advanced world? Knowing when to update and get a new alarm system is just as important as having an alarm system. Here are the six best times to replace your security system.


1. When Your Alarm System is Old and Outdated.
Believe it or not, about 25% of convicted burglars said that they cut alarm, and power wires, before breaking into a house. Which means wired security systems are old and outdated. Titan Alarm’s security systems are all wireless, this way no burglar can cut the cables going into the alarm. Wireless security systems are also affordable, easy to install and extremely easy to operate, especially from your mobile phone or tablet!

Another red flag to your current outdated alarm system, is when you keep receiving false alarms. With Titan Alarm’s security systems, you can adjust and set the sensitivity levels of your security system. There’s also notifications and monitoring to check if motion detected or video surveillance shows suspicious activities. You can avoid false alarms, by updating the technology you have in your house and the security system you are using currently. This will keep you stress free and worry free by having a functioning system and not causing panic to false alarms.

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2. When burglars have new technology.
Just because there is new technology releasing for security companies, don’t think that burglars aren’t acquiring new technology as well. Burglars are learning what they are going up against and they are learning new tips and tricks with all of the new technology that is being released.

The Telegraph has recently stated that there are more and more burglars who are becoming technologically savvy, there have been many reports of burglars using metal detectors to target homes with expensive jewelry and expensive devices. There was also another report that stated that burglars are using drones to keep an eye out for and on police while they are in the middle of home invasions and burglaries. They have also started using social media like Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on when people are going on vacation and will be out of town. Some burglars have even reported they use technologically advanced tools like Google Earth to target homes and yards to route out a burglary.

Your burglar alarm monitoring system needs to always be one or two steps ahead of the game, that way a burglar will never beat your system because it’s old and outdated. With Titan Alarm your home security system will be able to be accessed remotely. You’ll also be able to change and update settings all from your smart phone, as well as receiving updates as to when something is happening in your house if you’re not there. Real-time alerts can be the difference of stopping a burglary in it’s track or having your prized possessions stolen.



3. When your security system has failed.

If you had a security system that has failed in the past and your house has been burglarized, then your security system falls into the category of needing to be replaced and updated. After your home was broken into that’s the time when it is the most vulnerable to being burglarized, which is also one of the most important times to update and get a new security system. You also need to consider if the monitoring you are paying for is really worth what you are paying for or if your monitoring is outdated as well. Titan Alarm’s monitoring station is cutting edge and is always updating and advancing it’s techniques.

An estimated 20% of households are broken into more than once, burglars tend to return to previously broken into houses. Burglars love to stick to places they know and are familiar with, and since they already know how your house is laid out, they know where your prized possessions are hidden as well. Making their invasion quick and easy for them to be in and out.




4. The crime rate is on the rise. 

One of these mornings you will wake up to the inevitable news that one of your neighbors houses has been broken into, or even worse, yours. The crime rate is on the rise in almost every city in America and it’s on a rise across the state of Arizona. This means that now, more than ever, your home needs to be protected and on lock down to guard your family and your possessions. Call Titan Alarm and have one of our professionals come out to your house or business and have the professionals give you a customized assessment and run down of all of the spots a burglar can get into your house with, and solutions as to how to protect them.




5. Smartphone accessible security is the future.

A smart home, is a secured home. The newest, most cutting edge security systems are all controlled with your smart phone or tablet. With such easy accessibility, it makes it a no brainer that if your current security system, isn’t a smart one, then it’s time for you to get smart and get a new smart home security system for yourself and your house. Updating your home security system, so that it constantly updates as the times change is a must. If you’re always on the go, a smart home will help you keep peace of mind. With remote access to video monitoring and instant notifications if anything is to happen in your home, then it will help you stay in the loop with your house while you are away.

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6. More bang for your buck.

Now a days, home security systems do a lot more than just arming and guarding your house. A Titan Alarm home security system can also incorporate building a smart home, with access to control your thermostat, lights, doors and so much more, they’re not just cost efficient, but you save money because home automation is incorporated into home security now. If you’re wanting to protect your house, and automate it, then the time is now to go ahead and switch and get a customized solution installed in your house by the professionals at Titan Alarm.

The security industry as we know it, is constantly updating and evolving as burglars become more tricky, and as the times get more dangerous. It’s important to keep your home security system updated so that criminals cannot easily access them and manipulate them. Now that you can do even more with your home security system all from the palm of your hand with your smart phone, it just makes sense to update and get a new security system.

To get a professional out to your location or to learn more about updating your home security system, call Titan Alarm at 602-680-4567 or text Titan at 623-523-4849.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.