Why should I have a home security alarm system?


Why should I have a home security alarm system?

Your home is by far the most important place in the world, and you want to safeguard your family in every way possible. That’s why we install the best home security systems, and provide world class 24/7 protection for your home.

The Titan Alarm Difference
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  • Find out when the kids get back from
    school, or what time your teen got in last night.
  • Add water sensors to your basement to detect
    a flood in time to prevent costly damage.
  • Get an alert sent to your phone if the garage
    door is left open too long.
  • Find out if your teenager spent the afternoon
    playing video games in the basement or
    upstairs (hopefully) doing homework.


Here’s what else you can expect from Titan:

  • Fast alarm response
  • Great local service
  • Low monthly monitoring fees
  • Easy-to-use systems
  • 24-hour monitoring by trained professionals
  • Money-Back and Relocation Guarantees
  • Business and Home Insurance Certificates


What Should a Home Security Alarm System Include?

Most systems rely on a combination of contacts placed on doors and windows, along with a motion detector strategically placed in the house by a professional technician. To receive the best protection, Titan recommends that all exterior entry points have contacts that sense when they are open or closed. In some cases, a glassbreak sensor would be a better choice for protection.

Motion detectors should not be used as the primary means of detection because they do not detect someone until they are already in the house. The primary means of detection would be door, window and glassbreak detectors. A motion detector is considered a secondary means of detection.

The basic elements of a standard home security system include:

  • Control panel: This is where the system wiring terminates, the backup battery is located and where it is connected to the phone lines if it is a monitored system.
  • Keypad: This is where the system is armed and disarmed.
  • Siren: Interior siren typically between 80-106dB, comparable to a Police siren.
  • Inside motion detector: These sense changes in a room caused by human presence. Special motion detectors are available for people who have pets.
  • Door and window contacts: This sounds the alarm when the door or window is opened (and the system is on).
  • A central monitoring station (Company): If the system is monitored, and the alarm is set off, the control panel sends a message to a central monitoring station, which is manned 24 hours a day.
  • After attempting to contact the homeowner, the central monitoring station will contact the police, fire department, or medics.
  • There is usually a monthly fee for this service.


Additional items that can be added to the basic system are:

  • Smoke Detector
  • Glassbreak Detector
  • Panic Button
  • Additional Keypad
  • Security Cameras allow monitoring and/or recording inside or outside a home.
  • Water or Temperature Sensors


Things to Remember About Home Security Alarm Systems

  • Burglars realize most security systems sound inside the house and then the alarm is transferred to remote locations through the telephone lines.
  • Most phone lines are typically exposed on the outside of the house in an easily accessible location where the phone line can be cut. If the telephone line is cut, the security alarm system cannot notify the central monitoring station of the break-in.
  • If the phone line is run underground until it is inside the home (with the main telephone junction box inside the home), the thief cannot tamper with the telephone line until after he or she has broken in.
  • Having a protected phone line to your house is a good idea whether you have a security alarm system or not.
  • Remember: Security systems do not prevent thieves from breaking into homes.
  • A good security plan should include strong window, door and lock products and good security habits.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.