Why You Need to Keep Fire Extinguishers in Your Home


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If you’re like many homeowners, your fire defense setup consists of a few strategically placed smoke detectors and perhaps a fire alarm connected to a home security system. But when you consider that more house fires start in the kitchen than any other area (faulty equipment and unattended cooking are typical causes), it is also important to be able to stop a fire in the early stages. Many kitchen blazes are fueled by grease and can spread quickly. And as most of us learn at an early age, the last thing you should do is attempt to douse a grease fire with water.

A fire extinguisher is an inexpensive piece of home protection equipment that should be part of every household. You can purchase a small extinguisher designed for kitchens for as little as $10. Keeping one near the stove or cooking area enables you to react immediately and put out a fire before it can spread to walls or curtains.

Fire extinguishers are easy to use — you can even teach your children to operate them safely. With most models, you only need to pull the pin, point the nozzle toward the base of the flames while standing approximately eight feet away from the blaze, and squeeze the trigger while making sweeping motions with the nozzle.

Other Areas to Place Fire Extinguishers

While the kitchen is the most crucial location for an extinguisher, you should consider installing them in any areas that are prone to fires. These include near a furnace or heating unit and inside a garage (many garages serve as storage areas for products containing chemicals that could easily ignite). Other ideal spots include the hallway outside of the bedrooms and in any rooms where you or other members of your household might smoke. All homeowners should also have a fire evacuation plan — place an extinguisher along the escape route.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.