Wireless Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems.


A wireless camera includes a built-in transmitter to send video over the air to a receiver instead of through a wire. Many people aren’t aware that there are multiple types of wireless technology in use, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.


What is a Wireless Security Camera?

With technology constantly improving, wireless technology is now being applied to almost everything now a days, and the best thing is, security cameras and video surveillance systems are taking full advantage of it.


How does a Wireless Security Camera or Video Surveillance System work?

A wireless security camera has a wireless transmitter built into it, to allow video to be sent through the air to a home base (receiver) for viewing, rather than being hardwired into a home base.


Is a Wireless Security Camera truly wireless?

Although most wireless security cameras are technically cordless, meaning they don’t need to be hardwired in and that they transmit through a wireless signal source, they still need to be plugged in a power source. With that in mind, there are some security cameras that have batteries, that makes them truly wireless, but keep in mind, batteries can die at the most inconvenient times, and are not the best source of power to rely on.


Can I make a Wired Security Camera into a Wireless Security Camera?

You most definitely can, although at Titan Alarm we don’t recommend it. With security cameras and video surveillance you really get what you pay for, so if you’re looking for the cheap way around getting wireless security cameras, the quality you receive won’t be nearly as good as if you contacted Titan Alarm for us to set up a Video Surveillance System for you with cameras that were made to be wireless.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.