Z-Wave Smart Home


When we talk about smart home devices there are many different brands we can cover with that topic, but with Titan Alarm you will always receive a Z-Wave Certified smart home device. Now you may be asking yourself, what’s Z-Wave? That’s something that we’re excited to get to tell you about!

Z-Wave technology is what most major security companies and smart home automation companies use with their devices to power smart homes. It can wirelessly power the programs that run the smart home. Including smart home locks, thermostats, lights and a whole lot more of other smart home devices that will all communicate with each other and your smart phone!

There are many devices from the major security brands out there like Honeywell and Kwikset are both powered by Z-Wave technology.

Why Z-Wave Matters

1. Security

With how popular smart home automation has become, there has been a new market springing up for smart home system appliances, many of these devices are not as secure and safe as they claim to be, especially if they’re a no name brand that’s cheap from China. Which leaves you and your smart home at risk, these devices have a lot of vulnerable security breaches and do not have the safety for your house.

With a Z-Wave device they go through rigorous testing and trials and are certified through the Z-Wave Alliance Consortium. The testing includes the following:

technical testing, programs for uniformity of marks, and enforcement of certification standards.

Z-Wave also uses the same encryption as online banking which is known as AES128.


2. Multiple Options

Z-Wave currently powers “more than 1,000 interoperable products from more than 300 leading worldwide brands.” Regardless of company and brand, Z-Wave devices can all work together in your home.

3. Simplicity

For the people who aren’t as technologically savvy as the younger generations, Z-Wave products are super easy to manage and extremely approachable. While the security behind Z-Wave is complex, using your Z-Wave device isn’t.


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.