10 Things To Do In Arizona


We all know that the summer heat is starting to approach and before you know it we’ll be locked inside enjoying our Air Conditioning trying our hardest to not walk outside onto the face of the sun. So while you still can, get out and see some of the amazing things Arizona has to offer, let us worry about keeping your home safe.

Don’t forget, while you’re gone you can control your thermostat, check on the dogs with access to your cameras, unlock the door for your neighbor to let the dogs out, and make sure all your appliances are off, all with your phone and the Alarm.com

  1. The Grand Canyon

Yup, that was a pretty obvious one, but it’s one that has to make it on the list, I mean, we live in the “Grand Canyon State” so as an Arizonian you have to get out and see it at least once. There’s people from all over the world who fly here just to see it and we live within a day’s drive of it, it’s definitely something we all take for granted.


What is it about the Grand Canyon that makes it so appealing for individuals and families? First, it’s the massive size of this gorge that was created over eons by rushing waters. Who knew that water had such an incredible ability to carve stone? Secondly, it’s simply breathtaking. Most of us think of rocks as being gray and rather dull, but the Grand Canyon bucks that trend brilliantly. You’ve never seen such a bounty of hues embedded in the rock face as you see when you stop by this national treasure. And finally, the Grand Canyon attracts plenty of wildlife. Who knows what kinds of creatures and birds you’ll see when you visit!

If you’re looking for the opportunity to commune with nature in a setting that’s unlike any other in the world, it’s time to get in your car or RV and head to the Grand Canyon. Already been there but having visitors from out of town come to stay as your guest for a while? Take them sightseeing, too. It’s a great excuse to spend time together in a place that’s on tons of people’s bucket lists.

  1. Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock State Park

One of the few places in Arizona where you can see the beautiful colors of fall. You can find gorgeous, scenic hiking trails and just spend the day hiking and enjoying nature. Also, while you’re there be sure to stop at Slide Rock. Slide Rock appeals to the inner kid in all of us, who doesn’t want to slide down a naturally made water slide?! It’s one of the more well known spots with Arizonians so be prepared for crowds. Luckily Slide Rock is between Sedona and Flagstaff, so if you decide you’re done a little early, you can always go get dinner in one of those two beautiful cities.slide-rock

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with planning an all-day excursion to Slide Rock State Park, rather than making it just a quick trip. Has it been a while since your last picnic? Ironically, picnics were, at one time, a favorite activity for couples and families. Why not restore this tradition and pack a basket or cooler with some munchies? Opt for fun items like specialty sandwiches, cold fried chicken and some homemade sweet treats to keep the energy high.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of refreshing beverages, too, as it can get hot quickly in Arizona! Oh, and a nice big blanket is always preferred to eating on the ground. Bonus points if you remember to bring a change of clothes —Slide Rock is exciting, but it necessitates dry clothing after a thrilling dip!

  1. Papago Park

The massive sandstone buttes of Papago Park are what really set it apart from other parks. The park has quite a few attractions, it houses the Tomb of Governor George Wiley Paul Hunt, who has an interesting history as well as an interesting name, Hunt set a national recored by being elected to the first, second, third, sixth, seventh, either and tenth term as Arizona’s governor. Aside from his tomb there’s the famous Hole in the Rock, an Exercise Course, Fishing Lagoons, a Baseball Facility, Golf Course and a Softball Complex.

You’ll find a variety of ways to get your exercise in at Papago Park, starting with easy, moderate or tougher hiking. Be sure you bring along a backpack filled with everything you need to stay quenched and safe as you traverse the multitude of Papago Park pathways. Who knows what you’ll find around the next bend.

Like all parks, it’s an ever-changing scene just waiting to be discovered. Go solo or bring a friend on your next adventure through this Phoenix area hotspot — and remember that it really can get hot there! Sunscreen is a must-have whether you’re “roughing it” for a few hours or a whole day.

  1. Cathedral Rock

As we mentioned above, there’s nothing like sticking true to the Arizonian roots of going for a hike. Cathedral Rock has three saddle points, once you hike out to each point the views are breathtaking. This is no beginners hike though, it’s a pretty steep hike, mind you it’s no Everest but it’s nothing to joke about, you’ll get your cardio in for the day.


To prepare for this kind of activity, we suggest you start by examining your own abilities. If it’s tough for you to climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing, you may want to go to Cathedral Rock to take pictures, not to perform strenuous walking. However, if you are fairly confident in your abilities to safely get up and down rocking hills without worry, why not take on the Cathedral Rock challenge?

One suggestion is to be sure you hike with a friend or several buddies. It’s always a good idea to opt for a “safety first” attitude whenever you head out on a ramble. Besides, what could be a better way to make memories with friends or even colleagues? Climbing Cathedral Rock could be the best team-building activity your company ever experiences!

  1. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon has recently been in the headlines all over the world, a photographer went on an expedition here and snapped the picture of a lifetime while exploring, that picture ended up selling for $6.5 Million. Who knows, maybe with your adventure you could get a picture worth $7 Million, just remember the company that gave you the idea! It’s definitely a day trip and an intense hike, but by far one of the coolest ones you can take in Arizona.


Be advised that because the Antelope Canyon is part of and controlled by the Navajo Nation, the Canyon’s main entrance is gated and can only be accessed if you are on a guided tour. This isn’t a problem, though — plenty of tours happen on a regular basis.

Besides, it’s fun to travel through this water-created slot canyon with a group. Who knows what kind of conversation you’ll have, and from where your hiking companions hail. Antelope Canyon is known worldwide, so you might just hear a wealth of different languages spoken during your journey through these magnificent natural rock arches, which the Navajos believe have spiritual capabilities.

  1. Meteor Crater

This is the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth, it’s nearly one mile across and more than 550 feet deep. Meteor Crater also has an RV park so pack of the family, hop in the RV and spend a weekend there! There’s also a museum at the site with everything from space exploration exhibits to the actual remains of the meteorite that caused that massive crater.

New to the idea of heading out just to see the place a meteor hit? You might be wondering what makes it so exciting. Trust us. It’s pretty spectacular. It also brings home the reality of how big meteors are and how important they can be to the topography of a planet. Plus, if you’re into photography, you’ll love the photo ops around Meteor Crater. It’s truly unlike anything else you’re going to find in Arizona, and it has its own type of beauty.meteor-crater

Kids who love science will also appreciate a trip to Meteor Crater. Your youngster may even find it so compelling that it becomes the basis for a winning science fair or classroom project related to astronomy. You really never know what you’ll find until you head out the door and make a trip to Meteor Crater.

  1. Petrified Forest National Park.

Cool doesn’t even begin to describe Petrified Forest National Park! As soon as you get close, you’ll be blown away by the spectacular look and feel of this area. It seems like something straight out of a fantasy novel or movie, but it’s completely real and ready for you and your family to explore.


The history to this park is too much to put into our blog post, but it’s definitely worth the trip to go visit and learn more about. The park is known for it’s fossils, more specifically it’s fossilized fallen trees from about 225 million years ago. Your budding paleontologist will appreciate taking their gear and spending time searching for fossilized remains. It’s possible they could unearth something millions of years old!

The park is amidst the Painted Desert so it’s a 2 for 1 deal when you visit this park. As you might suspect, the Painted Desert offers wondrous sights and views. You haven’t lived until you’ve been there at least once! The scenery alone is worth the trip, the added bonus is getting to read about it’s history and see what a trip it has had throughout the years on earth. Education and entertainment, plus a little heart-healthy hiking mixed together — what could be better?

  1. Desert Botanical Gardens

Learn about desert plants from around the world in an awesome controlled outdoor setting. The Gardens house more than 50,000 different desert plants all on display among 5 different themed trails. The trails demonstrate different topics such as desert living, plants and people of the Sonoran Desert, and desert wildflowers. While you’re there you can finish off the day with a meal at Gertrude’s restaurant or at the Patio Cafe.

Butterfly enthusiast at heart? You’ll adore a visit to the butterfly exhibit held every spring at the Desert Botanical Gardens. What you find out about these delightful, winged creatures may just change the way you look at them in your everyday life. Plus, you can discover what they love to eat so you can attract them to your own backyard!

The Desert Botanical Gardens is also terrific for those with or without a green thumb. Even if you have trouble landscaping on a minimal basis, you can appreciate the efforts the preservationists take in keeping this wonderfully natural place alive and brilliant. Bring your cameras, smiles and great attitude. It’s a trip that is definitely more adventure than anything else.

  1. Four Corners Monument

Can’t decide between visiting Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico or Utah? You don’t have to! Take a day trip and see four states and visit all four at the same time. This is one of the coolest experiences you and your family can have. When else would you be able to play a game of “Twister” in four states simultaneously? Or hopscotch from state to state in a matter of seconds? It’s totally fun and makes for great videos!

The marker was originally put into place in 1912. Who says that our ancestors didn’t have a great sense of what would make a wonderful tourist attraction? They knew that if they built the monument, people would flock to it — and they were right.

You’ll find a few small cafes but it’s very rare and remote seeing as it’s on Navajo land. So make sure you bring your necessities with you, there’s no running water, electricity or telephones at the monument. You’ll also want to make sure you have your sunscreen on hand. The sun is burning bright, and there isn’t a ton of shade in this fun place. A hat or even a parasol would be perfect for the adventure.

  1. Saguaro National Park

Arizona is home to the world’s largest cacti, called the saguaro. The saguaro is the symbol of the American west, and it’s an impressive one. A single saguaro cactus can reach heights of up to 70 feet, about as tall as six story building! Take a trip to the park which is just outside of Tucson, you can check out the visitor’s center and take in the museum exhibits, slide shows and the gift shop. You can hire tour guides as well to take a scenic hike with you around the park. The park is divided into two districts so there is plenty of park for you to see, especially if you’re an outdoors enthusiast.


Remember that when you’re in the Saguaro National Park, the cacti are considered a protected species. It’s okay to take pictures of them, but avoid touching them or doing anything that might damage them. Besides, it’s always best to simply look at a cactus. Who wants to risk getting a porcupine-like sticker as a “prize” for curiosity?

What are you waiting for? Arizona isn’t playing a game of hide-and-seek. It’s right in front of you and ready to show you some unbelievable sights. Don’t worry about your house — Titan Alarm has you covered. Now get out there and play!

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