How to Burglarproof Your Front Door



Residential burglars will always try to find the path of least resistance, and that often means breaking into a home via the front door. According to crime statistics, approximately one-third of break-ins occur at the front door, making it the most common point of entry for burglars and home invaders.

How to Secure a Front Door

 You can take several steps to protect your front door against burglars and reduce your vulnerability to a break-in. They include:

  • Keep it locked. Surprisingly, about 30 percent of “break-ins” take place at unlocked doors or windows. Many homeowners think nothing of leaving the front door unlocked while they’re at home or when they go out to run a quick errand. But this only serves as an open invitation for burglars who often “case” a property to determine the ideal time to gain entry. The most prudent security measure is to keep the door locked at all times.
  • Install deadbolt locks. Install a high-quality deadbolt lock on the front door and all exterior doors. Choose a deadbolt lock made from solid metal and with a bolt length of at least one inch.
  • Upgrade your door. Burglars can easily kick in an old, flimsy, improperly fitted front door, even if it has a secure lock. Replace a fragile front door with a newer model made from a sturdy material such as reinforced steel, solid wood, fiberglass or metal. Also avoid doors with small windows at the top or side, as this allows burglars to see inside.
  • Bolster the door frame. A weak or improperly installed door frame also makes it easier for an invader to kick in or pry open the door. You can secure the frame by installing three-inch screws along the frame and doorjamb.

A State-of-the-Art Security System Can Enhance Your Front Door Burglar Protection Efforts

Installing a modern, technologically advanced security system will protect your front door — and the rest of your home — against intruders. The best security systems include home automation that allows you to lock and unlock doors with your smartphone or tablet even when you’re away.

Surveillance cameras enable you to monitor the front door and other vulnerable areas around your home and property. A visible camera can also serve as an effective deterrent to home invaders. A security system backed by a professional monitoring service ensures around-the-clock surveillance and prompt notification of law enforcement if a break-in occurs.

Titan Alarm Can Help You Burglarproof Your Front Door

If you’re a resident of the Phoenix, AZ area, Titan Alarm, Inc. can provide you with a customized home security system that will protect your front door against burglars — and provide a reliable defense against fire and other common security threats. Contact us to schedule a free security consultation today.

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