The Importance of Business Security Systems for Preventing and Solving Crimes



We don’t necessarily think of the workplace as the site of criminal activity. However, worksite crimes are an all-too-frequent occurrence in many offices, plants and jobsites, ranging from minor instances of theft to threats or acts of physical violence. And if you operate a retail store or other facility that is open to the public, you’re vulnerable to the risk of shoplifting or other forms of customer theft.

Using a Business Security System as a Crime Prevention Tool

Companies that are serious about preventing crimes in the workplace take the step of implementing stringent business security measures. Surveillance cameras often serve as the cornerstone of an effective business security system. When used in conjunction with a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, strategically placed cameras enable continuous monitoring of the property and its most vulnerable areas. The visible presence of security cameras can also serve as a strong theft prevention tool, as well as a deterrent to other types of criminal activity.

In addition, surveillance cameras can allow you and your staff to monitor visitors as they enter and exit your facility, which is extremely important for businesses where security is a high priority. If you operate a store or other business entity that attracts large crowds, cameras can assist your crowd control efforts. Also, employees who know their actions are being caught on camera are often more productive and less prone to committing theft.

Surveillance Systems Also Assist in Solving Crimes

A business surveillance system can also help solve crimes in the workplace. Today’s advanced IP surveillance camera systems enable digital storage of recorded video on network servers, which can easily be retrieved for review as needed. This can prove invaluable when you suspect that theft or other criminal activities have transpired. Periodic random reviews of stored footage may also uncover crimes you were not even aware of, such as an employee who is sneaking company equipment or supplies out of the facility at the end of the work day.

Another important benefit of using surveillance cameras and a CCTV system is that the footage recorded by the cameras has evidentiary value. Law enforcement and prosecutors can normally use the footage as part of a criminal investigation to show proof that a crime has been committed and to clearly identify the perpetrators. Images from the recorded feed can also be distributed to law enforcement agencies and the public to help apprehend a suspected criminal who is on the run.

Professional Business Security System Design and Installation Is Essential

No two business premises are exactly alike, and each property poses its own unique security risks and challenges. That’s why it is crucial to consult with a professional business security system solutions provider that can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property and recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs and budget.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.