Make Garage Door Security a Top Priority


While many homeowners understand the importance of securing doors and windows, they often overlook another favorite burglar entry point — the garage door. Intruders who find their way into the garage can help themselves to whatever you’ve stored there — lawn furniture, sports equipment, tools, etc. Even worse, attached garages may have an interior door (that is frequently left unlocked) that provides easy access to the rest of the home.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Garage Door

 Don’t let thieves use your garage door as the portal to all your valuables. Use the following steps to help you create a “burglar-proof” garage:

  • Remove temptation: There are lots of residential property owners who think nothing of leaving their garage doors unlocked or even open during the day, which serves as an invitation to thieves. Remember, most burglars prefer to operate during the daytime hours. Keep the door locked whenever the garage is not in use. If your garage door has windows, consider installing frosted glass to prevent crooks from seeing inside.
  • Take the opener with you: Those garage door openers that clip to a car’s sun visor can allow thieves to gain easy access to your garage — and they might even steal your vehicle, too! Take the opener inside the house whenever you exit your car. Better still, purchase a keychain remote opener.
  • Secure the emergency release: Clever criminals know how to reach the door’s emergency release lever by slipping a coat hanger through the top of the opening. You can defeat this tactic without preventing the release’s function simply by attaching zip-ties to the handle.
  • Keep your door properly maintained: A door that isn’t functioning correctly or is showing signs of deterioration makes it easier for burglars to break into the garage. Have a professional residential garage door company in your area perform a preventive maintenance checkup about once a year. A reputable installer can also tell you when the time has come for a door replacement.
  • Beef up interior door security: You should install the same high-quality locks on the entrance door between the garage and your home as you have on all other exterior doors. That way, even if a burglar makes it into the garage, he or she won’t be able to enter your house.
  • Make sure your home’s security system encompasses your garage: If you’re planning a new security system installation or upgrade, consult with the installer about incorporating surveillance cameras, motion sensors, access control devices and lighting that provide coverage for the garage. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve taken measures to protect this vulnerable area of your home.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.