Guarding Against Home Invasion in Phoenix


Home security in Phoenix,az is a growing concern. Hundreds of homes are broken into in the Phoenix area every year, and the frequency really has nothing to do with the neighborhood. While you’re probably more likely to be murdered in some Phoenix neighborhoods than others, home invasion is surprisingly widely distributed. This is because “bad” neighborhoods are often poorer, and while the people who are interested in breaking in live in the area, the homes themselves are not high-value targets. By contrast, “good” neighborhoods house people who are less likely to break in, but the homes are more prominent targets. Probably the most prevalent break in activity occurs near the junctions of affluent and poor neighborhoods.

To prevent against home invasion in Phoenix, there are several strategies. One is common sense. Get good locks and deadbolts for the doors and windows. Don’t leave the house with things unlocked. Keep bushes and trees trimmed up and away from the home, to ensure clear lines of sight from the street to the house. Talk to the neighbors and get to know them, and get another set of eyes watching your house.

The second strategy is getting a dog. A lot of people are afraid of dogs, especially big ones, and so assume that a dog will keep the house safe. However, most dogs, unless they are specifically trained, can be won over by a burglar and do little more than create noise (which may be enough to make a burglar nervous).

The best line of defense is a security system by Titan Alarm. Securing homes in the Phoenix area Titan is a local company specializing in all things home automation. While some home alarm systems simply make noise, and then call the police and the home owner after a minute or two, Titan’s systems allow for a more comprehensive real-time home monitoring system. Sensors combined with cameras mean that when your home is entered, you’ll know immediately.

This real time monitoring system isn’t just for keeping burglars out and valuables in; it’s also a great way to keep your interior climate control easily at hand. Titan’s systems work on a timer or remote activation, so that you’ll save money on your electric bill. In this way, we work with you to provide a comprehensive system that protects from multiple angles.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.