How Has Home Security Advanced Over the Years?



Most of us take the concept of home security for granted — few of us would dare to leave our residences for even a few minutes without at least locking the doors and windows. And with the advancements in home security technology today, we have so many options for protecting our properties against intruders and minimizing the safety risks posed by smoke, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, we weren’t always as conscious about security as we are today. While the cavemen probably didn’t have to worry too much about break-ins — most of them probably did not own 50” flat screen TVs or expensive jewelry — society’s growing prosperity and the increasing ingenuity of the criminal mind created the need for stronger steps to keep our property and loved ones safe. Here are a few examples of home security evolution:

  • The first burglar alarms – Burglar alarms are a central component of most home security systems. The burglar alarm traces its roots to the mid-1800s when Augustus Pope invented the first electric alarm system, which consisted of magnetic contacts placed on doors and windows. The opening of a door or window would break the connection and trigger the alarm.
  • Door shakers – The United States experienced a dramatic increase in crime immediately following the end of World War I. Many frightened homeowners enlisted the services of “door shakers.” These were essentially roving security guards who patrolled neighborhoods at night and shook the doors of residences to make sure they were locked.
  • Security cameras – Closed-circuit TV cameras made their first appearance in the 1960s. While the original video surveillance cameras were primarily used by law enforcement to monitor public areas, they eventually became a staple of the home security system. The modern video surveillance camera includes advanced Internet Protocol technology that delivers clear HD images and offers enhanced recording and monitoring capabilities.
  • Fire alarms and smoke detectors – A watershed event in the development of the modern home fire alarm system occurred in the early 1960s when Canadian researchers published a study that gave credence to the life-saving potential of heat and smoke detectors. Today, the installation of these devices is mandatory in most jurisdictions.
  • Smart technology – The development of wireless technology has led to the creation of sophisticated “smart” home security systems. The basis for smart technology is Internet connectivity, which eliminates the need for hard-wired cameras, alarms, smoke detectors and other typical security system features. Homeowners can download an app to their smartphone, tablet or laptop computer that enables them to monitor and control the security system remotely, which provides greater peace of mind.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Remains Ahead of the Home Security Evolution Curve

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.