How to Install a Security Camera Quickly


When you don’t have time to call in the professionals, learning how to install your security system quickly can mean all the difference when it comes to your safety. Many cameras are DIY-friendly with a simplified installation process to save you time and money.

Predetermine the Location of Security Cameras

It’s vital to predetermine the location of each camera. Knowing where you want to install your system before you set it up will save you time and the hassle of relocating cameras once they are in place.

Whether you have one camera or five, install them where you have the most visibility of a specific area, such as your front and back doors, the garage or other entry points. Refer to the following tips to optimize each location:

  1. Place cameras high off the ground: Instead of placing cameras at eye level or lower, applying them to higher areas can protect them from vandalism. The higher location also helps to cover a wider scope. The best angle is for the camera to be looking down from a corner so that you can see exits and entrances.
  2. Keep systems under shelter: While security cameras are often waterproof, mount them in covered areas to keep a high quality of security footage.
  3. Mount your security cameras away from light: Installing cameras away from various sources of light such as the sun, lamps and porch lights can help with visibility and reduce glare.
  4. Use an obstruction-free area: With no obstructions in front of your cameras, you can increase the system’s view.
  5. Protect the cables: Place cables on the side of buildings or in safer areas.
  6. Place the cameras in an obvious location: Obvious placement can deter unwanted people from entering your home or property.

How to Connect Cameras Efficiently

Depending on the type of camera system you invest in, there are different ways to connect each. For example, a wireless system doesn’t require cables to run through the ground or a building, but components will likely still need to be connected to a power source.

Here’s what you need to know about the camera installation process:

  • Place the camera mount in the desired location and mark where on the wall each screw should go.
  • Make a hole for each screw using a drill.
  • Hammer in molding pins if available and screw the mount into the wall.
  • Position the camera to give you the best view.

Attaching a camera to a power source is simple, too. Most systems will come with a power adapter you plug into a normal wall socket. Plug the source into the outlet and the other end into the back of your camera, and you are ready!

Security Camera Systems From Titan Alarm

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.