How to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer


Summer is a prime season for home break-ins. Crooks know that many of us may be more likely to leave our doors and windows unlocked or open during the warmer months. They also know to look for signs that the occupants are away on vacation. The following tips can reduce the likelihood that you’ll become the target of a burglary or home invasion:

  • Keep the patio door locked: A sliding glass patio door is a favorite target of burglars. They know that people sometimes leave them unlocked because they’re so frequently used during the warmer months. Make sure to lock the patio door when it’s not being used, especially before you go to bed or leave for work in the morning. Installing a glass-break sensor that triggers an alarm if someone breaks the glass or tries to remove the door can provide extra protection.
  • Trim the shrubbery around your home: Bushes and hedges can add a beautiful touch of green to your home during the summer, but they can also provide excellent cover for burglars. Keeping any shrubs that block the view of doors or windows trimmed can make your home less inviting to criminals.
  • Store ladders after use: Summer is the time when many homeowners engage in outdoor home improvement projects such as painting or making minor repairs or renovations. If you use a ladder, make sure to store it in a garage or locked shed after you’ve finished your work for the day. A crook could use it to enter your home through a second-story window.
  • Don’t let toys outside: Teach your kids to store their toys and bicycles inside when they’re not using them. Toys strewn across the lawn can send a signal to burglars that there might be a lot more “goodies” inside the home.
  • Get to know your neighbors: People tend to spend more time outdoors doing yard work, barbecuing or relaxing on the deck during the summer. Friendly neighbors can be an invaluable home security asset, as they can help to keep an eye on your property, especially when you’re away. Of course, you’ll want to return the favor to your neighbors.
  • Safeguard your home before leaving for vacation: If you’re planning a trip this summer, you’ll want to take steps to keep your home secure while you’re gone. Stop the delivery of mail and newspapers until you return, as an accumulation of these items will let burglars know that the house is unoccupied. Use automatic timers to control the operation of lights to make it appear that someone is home. If you’re planning a lengthy trip, hire a lawn service to cut the grass and trim the hedges.

The Start of Summer Is a Good Time to Install or Upgrade a Home Security System

A state-of-the-art home security system is your best defense against criminals during the summer and throughout the year. If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area, contact Titan Alarm, Inc. to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.