Keep Your Vacant Property Safe



A vacant property presents an inviting target for thieves, vandals and trespassers. Empty properties that are not properly maintained also pose an increased risk of fire. In this post, we will outline a few vacant property protection steps that can deter intruders and help prevent damage from occurring.

Keep Up Appearances

A vacant property that appears to be occupied is less likely to attract the attention of unwanted visitors. Keep the exterior of the building free of trash and debris, and mow the lawn and maintain the landscaping on a regular basis. Making occasional changes such as adding or removing a lawn ornament or wind chime can also enhance the lived-in effect.

Make Routine Visits

Visit the property every week or so to look for signs of possible intrusion, such as broken windows or compromised door locks. It’s also possible that thieves or vandals will see you entering or leaving the property, which can serve as a deterrent. Be certain to alter the times you visit the property to avoid making it look like a routine inspection.

Work With the Neighbors

Neighbors can prove invaluable in your vacant property security efforts. Neighbors who own homes on your block have a vested interest in the condition of your property in terms of maintaining their own property’s value. They can be a great help simply by keeping an eye out and watching for signs of suspicious activity. If there is a neighborhood watch group in the area, be sure to keep them informed of your property’s status.

Contact Law Enforcement

Let the local police department know when your property becomes vacant. Officers can monitor the property during their routine patrols and watch for signs of a break-in, trespassing or overnight occupation by squatters or homeless individuals.

Keep the Property Well-Lit

While keeping the interior of a vacant property lit at night may not be a practical option, exterior lighting can be an effective deterrent to potential intruders. Consider installing motion-sensor security lights that activate automatically upon breaching of the property’s perimeter. Security lighting should be installed so it can easily be seen from a neighboring home or business.

Install a Security System

Your empty property security efforts should also include the installation of a comprehensive, fully integrated security system. The most effective systems feature a combination of strategically placed cameras to ensure 24/7 video surveillance, intrusion detection devices such as motion sensors and state-of-the art fire and burglar alarms. Smart technology is especially important for a vacant property, as this enables the owner to remotely monitor activity at any time via smartphone, tablet or web-connected computer.

Titan Alarm Inc. Can Meet Your Vacant Property Protection Needs in Phoenix

If you own a vacant residential or commercial property in the Phoenix area, Titan Alarm can provide a cost-effective security system that will fully protect your property and give you total peace of mind. Contact us for more information regarding how to secure a vacant house or business and to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.