5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Friendly Neighborhood Burglar


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We often think of burglars as dark, shady characters who prowl around neighborhoods at night and stay out of sight during the daytime hours. But the truth is that many burglars are cunning, opportunistic criminals who carefully plan their illicit activities well in advance — which is likely why police are only able to solve about 10 percent of all burglary cases.

At Titan Alarm, we believe that the more you know about your “enemies,” the easier it is to defend yourself against them. Here are a few insights into the mind of a burglar that every homeowner should know:

  1. Burglars often live in the neighborhood. The typical burglar doesn’t swoop in from out of town, rob a few houses and hit the road. He or she is more likely to be your neighbor, as this makes it easier to blend into the surroundings and become familiar with the area. It might even be someone you see or speak to every day.


  1. They’ve already been inside your home. Many thieves enter a home under legitimate circumstances, then come back later to rob you. In many cases, they’re employed as repairmen or members of remodeling or cleaning crews. While they’re inside your house, they’ll discreetly unlock a door or window, giving them easy entry when they return.


  1. They’ll “case” your home before they break in. Many burglars will target a residence and then watch it for several days, or even weeks. They observe the patterns of when you and your family members come and go, determining their best window of availability. That’s why so many burglaries occur during the day, while the occupants are at work or school.


  1. They know the outside gives clues to what’s inside. Crooks can tell a lot about what “goodies” might be inside a home by what they see on the exterior of the property. For example, if they spot expensive toys on the lawn or boxes that contained pricy products in the trash, they’ll figure that the house is a treasure trove of valuable items that are worth stealing.


  1. Burglars are often social media-savvy. These days, you need to think twice when sending or accepting a friend request on Facebook. Burglars scour social media sites to see who has just purchased a brand-new flat screen TV or is planning a two-week vacation. The prudent move is to avoid mentioning these things on social media — it’s like extending an invitation to a burglar to come and break into your home.

A Home Security System Is Your Best Defense Against Burglars

With all the threats that homeowners face nowadays, a state-of-the art-security system is essential for staying one step ahead of the crooks in the neighborhood. If you live in or around Phoenix or Tucson, AZ, Titan Alarm, Inc. can provide a “smart” security solution that meets your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation in-home security consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.