Prevent False Alarms On New Years Eve.



Prevent False Alarms On New Years Eve.


False alarms are annoying no matter when, where and how they happen, unfortunately New Year’s Eve has one of the highest volumes of false alarms. Normally during New Year’s Eve there is a rather large amount of alcohol and very small amounts of attention to detail, both of these will affect how your Titan Alarm Home Security System is utilized.

The issue that is ran into the most, is when people are having parties and they don’t realize someone was messing around with the control panel and the control panel is accidentally triggered and can cause a false alarm, which then throws a huge damper on the holiday festivities that everyone was enjoying.

Another scenario is when a customer returns home after a night of celebrating the New Year and they forget that they had armed their system when they left the house, or in some cases they forget they even have a system, and it can then trigger a false alarm, again ruining their night out celebrating.


Tips To Keep New Year’s Fun:

Here at Titan Alarm, we’re all about having a good time, so this New Year’s Eve, follow some of these tips to really make your night enjoyable, and to keep the hiccups out of your plans!

  • Keep The Party Going – If you’re decorating for your New Year’s Eve Party, make sure to keep the decorations away from key and crucial parts of your security system. Balloons, streamers and other decorations that are hung in the air, can trigger motion detectors and if you armed your system and have a balloon float in front of a motion detector, that will trigger a false alarm. The last thing you need on the last night of the year, is having the police show up and have to deal with a false alarm.
  • Home James – If you have a designated driver who’s sole responsibility for the night is to get you home and safely in bed, make sure you have filled them in on all the information they need to get you inside your house safely and securely. Set up a new user if needed, and give them a password and code to arm and disarm the house so that when they’re trying to get you home they don’t set off a false alarm.
  • Get Home Safe – If you’re going out for New Year’s this year, make sure to have a safe ride home, if you don’t have any friends that want to be a designated driver, try using Über to get you home! We want all of our customers to get home safely and be with us next year!


How To Celebrate The New Year Safely.


Believe it or not, every single minute, there is a person injured in an accident involving drunk driving. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Drunk Driving is an issue all year round, but during the holidays, the number of people involved and the risk of being involved in an accident caused by drunk driving is greatly increased. If it is possible for you and your friends on New Year’s Eve, avoid driving. Even if you haven’t been drinking, there is no way to control the actions of other drivers.


New Year’s Resolution.

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions, and a lot of the time, those resolutions aren’t even carried out past 24 hours! Here are some of our top 3 resolutions to help you improve your life in 2016!

  • Lose Weight – With all the amazing food that has been consumed over the holidays, I’m sure we all could lose a few extra pounds and get that beach body ready by the time summer rolls around!
  • Save More, Spend Less – After the holidays our pockets and wallets are always hurting, between buying presents for our family and friends and spending money eating out and going to holiday parties, we all could use a few more commas in our bank accounts. Open up a savings account and see how much you can save this year!
  • Stay Safe – With the world in the crazy state it is in, everyone could use more security at home. With Titan Alarm we offer custom solutions for you and your home and even your business!

Titan Alarm is ready to help you out with that last resolution! Let’s at least follow through on one resolution this next year! If you’re interested in a Titan Alarm Home Automation or Titan Alarm Home Security System contact us! Give us a call: 602-680-4567 or TEXT US: 623-523-4849

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