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Safety and security is always a top concern for restaurant owners. Restaurant workers face a relatively high risk of injury and illness, many of which can easily be prevented through proper training. Restaurants are also vulnerable to robberies and burglaries, and internal theft by employees is not an uncommon occurrence, either.

In this post, we will provide a few restaurant health and safety tips for employees, as well as offer some practical crime prevention advice to help you create a more secure environment.

Restaurant Safety Tips

Restaurant safety practices should focus on three basic areas: (a) removing potential hazards where possible, (b) finding ways to improve work procedures, and (c) making use of protective clothing and equipment. Appropriate restaurant safety training can positively impact the latter two areas. Specific training measures include:

  • Teaching employees to follow manufacturer instructions and wear protective gear when operating equipment featuring sharp blades or parts (meat slicers or other cutting tools) or equipment that poses a high burn risk (deep fryers, griddles).
  • Instructing employees in proper hand-washing techniques and making sure they wash their hands after handling food, utensils and equipment as well as after using the restroom.
  • Slipping and falling is a common cause of injuries in restaurants, so employees must be trained to thoroughly clean and dry the floor after a spill.
  • Good personal hygiene is essential for protecting the health of all restaurant workers and patrons. Be sure your employees are well-groomed, wear clean clothing or uniforms and avoid coughing or sneezing in food preparation areas.
  • Develop an action plan and train employees on how to implement it in the event of a kitchen fire or other emergency situation.

Restaurant Crime Prevention Tips

Implementing the following security measures can make your restaurant less vulnerable to criminal activity:

  • Thieves can’t steal something that isn’t there. Don’t leave a lot of cash lying around — make frequent bank deposits of your restaurant’s cash proceeds.
  • Make sure at least two employees (or you and another employee) are there to execute your restaurant’s opening and closing each day.
  • Employee theft is the most common restaurant crime, and thefts are often perpetrated by “trusted” employees who help to run the establishment. Keep a close watch on all employees, particularly those who handle cash or are involved in any type of sales transaction.
  • Install security cameras to monitor vulnerable areas of your business including the kitchen, office, cash register and building entrances.
  • Install alarms/intrusion detection systems to deter burglaries and immediately alert first responders in the event of an after-hours break-in or fire.

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Installing a state-of-the-art, fully integrated security system consisting of elements such as access control, alarms and alerts, video surveillance and intrusion detection is a critical security measure for any restaurant. If you operate a restaurant in the Phoenix, AZ area, the security professionals at Titan Alarm, Inc. can help you design and implement a customized security solution to protect your establishment against theft, fire and other hazards. Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.