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A perk to having a Titan Alarm home security system, is that you also get a complimentary lawn sign, saying your house is protected by Titan Alarm, a great benefit of that is that it can potentially scare off potential intruders into your house. Normally a burglar will look and see if they can find a house with easy entry and escapes, but having a security system does not allow them that luxury. Informing them that you have a security system with your yard sign can potentially thwart their hit on your house. Unfortunately a lot of people head to eBay and buy fake security signs for their yard, rather then paying and using a security system for their residence or business. In this blog, we’re going to fill you in on why you should never just buy a yard sign and actually install a security system from Titan Alarm.



The Risks of Using Fake Security Signs

Do you remember the age old saying. “you get what you pay for.”? By only buying a security sign, to install a fake security system, this will fully apply to you. The following risks are all things you’re going to come up against if you take the fake, cheap way out.

• Signs aren’t fully convincing. Using a fake security company sign that can display even legitimate companies, can still not make a burglar look away from your house. So having a security system installed will be your best deterrent.

• Easily outsmarted. Most thieves know how to use Google and will use it to their advantage, if you have an outdated or fake lawn sign, the thieves will most likely know.

• Nothing happens. Without a security system, once a thief breaks in, literally nothing happens. No alarms are triggered, the police are not dispatched, the thief has free reign to roam about picking up your valuables.

Faking a System.

Having a fake home security system, is as cheap, unwise and just stupid as you can get. There is nothing stopping a thief from breaking in, other then your hopes of trying to trick them with a fake yard sign or some non-monitored security cameras. The safest way for you to really protect your house or business, is to invest and have a proper security system professionally installed.


Install a home security system.

Not only does installing a real security system help boost your houses’s security, but the system can also help protect with other emergencies that may occur too. With a Titan Alarm Home Security System, you can arm your house to detect fires, flooding, power outages and even make sure that all of your doors are locked when you forget to lock them. With 24/7 monitoring, your house will be safe in our hands.




Motion Detectors and Lights.

There’s nothing like a motion detecting light on the driveway to freak out a burglar. One of the best additions to a home security system is to install motion detectors and motion detecting lights. With the system from Titan Alarm, when there is motion detected on your premises, you can receive notifications straight to your smart phone and you’re able to monitoring what is happening. If your house or business is set to Armed and you’re away, our Central Station monitoring company will check in on your premises and make sure there is nothing happening.




Window and Door Alarms.

These are some amazing thief deterrent, and can thwart most break ins. When you have these installed in different locations all of your house, if a burglar tries to break in through a window or door, it will trigger the alarm and alert local authorities to your house. It will also send you a notification as well to your smart phone, so you can check your security cameras to see what is actually happening in your house.

Smart Locks.

There are so many different kind of locks you can get for your doors now a days. From the classic master lock, to the more advanced smart locks that are accessible with your phone, we want to find the best fit for your needs. With smart locks, you can check and make sure all of your doors are locked, all from your smart phone. There is also a major benefit to the locks, you can get notifications anytime the locks are opened or closed, so if someone tries to get in to your house that shouldn’t be, you’ll receive a notification that someone is trying to access your front door. This also saves you from having to make spare keys and have those keys floating around in the world. With a smart lock from Titan Alarm, you can actually set different codes for different people who are coming and going in the house.


Looks are Everything.

Keeping your house active, even when you’re not there, with Titan Alarm you can set up timers to have lights turn on and off, as well as the tv. With these tricks installed you can hopefully keep burglars away, leading them to believe that you’re home and that your house isn’t one that they want to risk trying to break into.

What You Should Do.

The best advice we can give you to achieve a real peace of mind, is to install a real, customised, home security system for your house. With Titan Alarm we will have a security system specialist come out and evaluate your property and help you come up with a solution that is going to fit your every need. Give Titan the chance to set you up for a win, and keep your house, your loved ones, and your belongings safe. Call us today 602-680-4567.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.