Top 15 Ways Burglars Target Your Home



Did you know that, according to FBI statistics, a burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds in the United States? The Phoenix, AZ area is not immune to crime. In fact, the city’s crime rate is considerably higher than the national average. Burglary in Phoenix is a significant problem — approximately 13,000 burglaries occur in the city on an annual basis.

Signs Burglars Look for When Targeting Properties

While you might think your home is safe, it may actually be an inviting target to burglars. The following list indicates the signs burglars look for when choosing their next victim:

  1. Signs of inoccupancy: Burglars look for “red flags” that indicate the homeowners are on vacation or the home is unoccupied for an extended period. These can include an uncut lawn and untended landscaping, newspapers piled up on the porch and no interior lights at night.
  1. Unlocked doors: Approximately one-third of burglars enter through an unlocked front door.
  1. Unlocked windows: Many burglars gain entry through unlocked second-story windows that the homeowner mistakenly believes are inaccessible.
  1. Regular routine: Burglars often discreetly watch a home for several days to determine when the occupants come and go.
  1. High fences: You might think a privacy fence will protect your home, but burglars actually view it as a convenient form of concealment upon gaining access to your property.
  1. Toys in the yard: Toys and bikes in the yard tell a burglar that the home is probably occupied by a mother who owns jewelry.
  1. No exterior lighting: The absence of floodlights or other form of exterior lighting obviously makes it easier to avoid detection.
  1. No daytime activity: Despite the misconception that burglars prefer the dark, many practice their craft during the daytime hours while the occupants are at work or school.
  1. Uncovered windows: Burglars often look for windows with the blinds or curtains opened so they can get a good idea of what valuables are inside the home, especially during the holiday season.
  1. Storm cellars: Storm cellars that enable ground access are a favorite target of burglars, especially if the owners leave them unlocked.
  1. Vulnerable location: If you live on a cul-de-sac, your home is a more inviting target to a burglar due to its relative seclusion and less frequent law enforcement patrols.
  1. Home type: Some burglars prefer townhouses and condominiums to stand-alone homes, as they frequently include small, enclosed backyards that provide concealment and sliding patio doors that enable easy accessibility.
  1. No dogs: Burglars don’t like barking dogs, so a home with no visible signs of a dog such as a doghouse or outdoor food bowls is a more inviting target.
  1. Unsecured ladders and tools: If you leave ladders alongside your home or tools in an unlocked garage or workshop, enterprising burglars will be happy to use them to their advantage.
  1. No security system: A house without security is a more likely target than one that is protected by a home alarm system.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.