What Are Doorbell Cameras?



If you’re like most folks, the first thing you do when your phone rings is check the screen to see who’s calling. A doorbell camera is kind of like having Caller ID for your home’s front door.

As the name implies, these devices consist of a doorbell equipped with a camera that works in conjunction with your home’s Wi-Fi system and your smartphone or tablet. When someone rings the bell, it sends a signal to your mobile device, allowing you to see who’s there without having to open the door. Some doorbell camera systems also offer additional features such as two-way voice communication, motion detection sensors and night vision.

Why Should You Consider Installing a Doorbell Camera?

Doorbell cameras can provide a host of valuable convenience and security benefits:

  • Screening visitors from anywhere: With a doorbell camera, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to answer the door. With a glance at your phone or tablet, you can determine whether you want to respond or ignore the visitor – no matter where you are in the house. If your system has a two-way communication feature, you can converse with the visitor without having to go to the door. You can even see who’s at your door when you aren’t home!
  • Monitoring your property: Doorbell cameras are available with wide-angle lenses that can provide a sweeping 180 ̊ view of the front of your property, just as if you were standing on the doorstep and looking out toward the street. This enables you to keep an eye on the kids or pets while they’re in the front yard or see what else might be happening.
  • Deterring thieves and intruders: A favorite tactic of burglars is posing as a delivery person or door-to-door solicitor and ringing the bell. If no one answers, they’ll realize that nobody is home and they can break in without fear of resistance. A visible doorbell camera let’s intruders know that they’ve being watched, increasing the likelihood that they’ll move on to another home.
  • Providing video evidence: You can purchase a doorbell with the capability to record the live video feeds. This can provide visual evidence that can help law enforcement catch and prosecute home invaders and possibly enable your homeowners’ insurance carrier to expedite a theft or damage claim.
  • Facilitating package deliveries: If you receive a lot of packages at your home, a doorbell camera lets you know when your items arrive, so you can go home and bring them inside if necessary. If you can’t be there, you’ll still be able to monitor the package until you get there. The camera can also help to resolve disputes over delivery times.

Contact Titan Alarm to Explore the Benefits of a Doorbell Camera Installation

A doorbell camera serves as a valuable component of a fully integrated home security system. Contact Titan Alarm, Inc. to learn more about the advantages of installing a doorbell camera at your Phoenix- or Tucson-area home today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.