What Is Crash and Smash Protection?



When someone is a professional Burglar, they have developed many different ways to get into a house undetected. Some of them are quiet and stealthy, while others are fast. With a Titan Alarm system, Crash and Smash Protection is a safeguard that is already installed into your home security system.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What is Crash and Smash?”, if you keep on reading, we’ll explain to you in detail so that you can be prepared for it.

What is “Crash and Smash”?

A “Crash and Smash” is when a burglar and intruder targets the house’s home security panel as the first thing to find when they enter a house. The intruder will then “crash” into the house by smashing through the front door, and then the hunt is on for them to “smash” the home security panel as fast as possible.

When an intruder or burglar uses this technique, they are trying to take advantage of the entry delay that home security systems use to give the homeowner a chance to disarm the system when they arrive home. They normally have 30-60 seconds, which normally would give you plenty of time to open your app and disarm the system. With a normal break in, the panel counts all the way down, and once it’s at zero, will then alert emergency responders. In a “Crash and Smash” burglary, the intruder tries to destroy the home security panel before it can send the signal out to first responders.

30-60 seconds doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but for an experienced burglar or intruder, it’s plenty of time for them to get in, find the panel and to destroy it with a hammer.

Luckily with Titan Alarm, we use a patented crash and smash technology, that way your system will still work, even if the intruder can get to and destroy your panel.




How Does Crash and Smash Protection Work?

Titan Alarm’s smart home security system is constantly monitoring activity around the home to proactively protect you from events like a burglar attempting a crash and smash burglary. All of this happens constantly and securely in a cloud storage platform, so it’s completely untouchable to a burglar so you and your security system go unharmed.

Once your smart home security system starts it’s initial countdown, the central system monitoring station takes note, if the security panel abruptly goes off-line before sending a disarm or an emergency signal, then the central station monitoring reports a suspected Crash and Smash situation in your home, and alerts the necessary first responders and emergency personnel.

Crash and Smash Protection is one of the many innovative ways that Titan Alarm will protect you and your loved ones with.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.