What to Do If You’re Home During a Break-In


Coming home to discover that you’ve been the target of a burglar can be an unsettling experience, to say the least — but it’s not nearly as frightening as when someone breaks into your house while you and your family are there! Knowing how to stay safe when an intruder comes in can mean the difference between life and death.

Remain Quiet

A common scenario is that the homeowner is asleep in an upstairs bedroom and is awakened by the sound of breaking glass or a knocked-over lamp coming from downstairs. Your first reaction may be to yell out or scream —  but this only lets the intruder know where you are. Instead of calling out, get up and quietly move to lock the door. You can also press your ear to the door to see if you can determine the intruder’s exact location and if he has accomplices.

Call 911

If you have access to your cell phone or a landline phone, quietly call 911 and report the incident. Give the operator as much information as possible and stay on the line until help arrives.

Stay Inside

Some victims of a home invasion try to make a break for it. Even if you already have a home break-in escape plan in place, though, it’s possible that you won’t have a clear path to the nearest exit. Your sudden movement could also startle the intruder, and you can’t know for sure if he is armed and how he’ll react.

Find a Hiding Place

If the room includes a closet with a lock or other good hiding place, go to it quietly and remain there until the police arrive. If you have 911 on the line, let them know about your new location. If your vehicle is equipped with a key fob-activated car alarm and you have access to your keys, take them into your hiding place with you. Triggering your car alarm may frighten the intruder and cause him to flee — and it won’t reveal your location.

What to Do If the Intruder Confronts You

If you come face-to-face with the intruder, do not act aggressively or attempt to frighten him. You can’t know for sure if he’s armed and if he will use his weapon. Instead, raise your hands above your head and avoid eye contact. If you have a weapon on your person, keep it out of sight until the time comes that you may have to use it.

Installing a Security System Can Prevent a Home Break-In From Occurring

Don’t wait for a home break-in to occur. A well-designed home security is an important intruder safety step that can stop a burglary before it starts. The most effective security systems consist of a series of integrated devices such as surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, motion sensors and security lighting, as well as professional 24/7 monitoring.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on October 31, 2018.