Combine Home Automation and Home Security

home_automationTechnology has advanced greatly in the last few decades. We now have phones that are more powerful and more useful than a desktop computer was only a decade ago, cars that park themselves, and cloud systems to store, and share the moments that make our lives.

Shouldn’t your home security system be more advanced and useful too?

Most security companies offer discount systems based on out of date technology. Often requiring land line telephones, hard wired sensors and cameras that are dependent on outdated technology and simply don’t work as well as they should.

At Titan Alarm we believe in advancing home security to keep pace with new technologies. Our systems combine the most advanced wireless monitoring devices, two way communication, video verification, motion and break detection with the latest software, smartphone access and control application to secure your home in the most advanced and cost effective way possible. But we didn’t stop there. We believe your security system should offer the more useful features for your life. That’s why we have combined home security with home automation to create cost effective ways to automate your life while protecting your home and family.

Home Security

We believe first in foremost in protecting what matters most, you, your home and family. Our systems offer 24/7 Emergency response, to breaking, fires, co2 and more. Titan Alarm’s systems are tamper resistant and based on cellular technology so they don’t rely on being plugged into a phone line to work. Our systems offer real time alerts, even when the system is disarmed and are fully controlled via an elegant and easy to use mobile app.

Energy Managementmonitorings_phone-computer

We have combined our home security panel with energy management technology that interfaces wirelessly with your thermostat to create cost and energy savings in your home and business. Our system will automatically adjust your homes temperature based on your settings. We combine location services of your smart phone to know when you leave which can trigger the alarm to be set and you’re your thermostat to automatically adjust to create cost savings. On a hot summer day theres no need to waste money in the heat of the day cooling an empty home, our system will detect that no one is home and automatically adjust the thermostat to save money, then using your cell phones location our system will automatically begin cooling your home when you are a preset distance away ensuring that your home will be cool and ready on your arrival

Seamless Integration

We connect the key devices in your home seamlessly to create intelligent home automation control that is not available from out of the box automation solutions. Our systems can lock and unlock your doors, control your garage doors, solar systems, turn on and off lights and plugged in appliances, monitor water usage, energy usage and more, all from a sophisticated mobile app.

By combining security and home automation, our software can adaptively learn to serve your needs. A connected home is more than turning off lights and locking doors, we combine all the data from all devices to create a system of connected devices that all work together to serve your needs, lower energy costs and secure your home and creating a system that adapts to your needs.

Best of all everything updates and configures automatically, we make things easier for you while saving you money and securing your home. Titan Alarm’s security and automation systems are priced similar to most alarm companies basic security packages but offer more than you can dream of. Take the next step in creating a home that protects and serves your family, contact a Titan Alarm representative today.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

How to Prevent Copper Theft

coppertheftCopper theft is growing problem facing businesses and home owners in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Since 2008 copper and other metal thefts have risen every year and accounted for billions of dollars in losses across the nation. In 2012 over 10,000 residences in Arizona filed insurance claims for copper theft. With continued high prices for copper and other metals sold as scrap and legislation proving ineffective its important for residents and business owners to take steps to protect their home and businesses from metal theft.

Copper and metal thieves target any exposed metal on your property. Recently thieves went as far to steal copper from electrical poles around Tempe town lake. Often thieves target roof top HVAC systems, electrical conduits, utility boxes, exposed plumbing and other hard to see areas. Because metal is nearly impossible to trace, thieves are able to sell the stolen metal for scrap.

Fortunately there are ways to protect your home and business and prevent copper theft.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

One of the most effective ways to catch a copper thief is to install a video surveillance and monitored alarm system. However all systems are not created equal. Most traditional CCTV systems sold by most alarm companies are hardwired and rely on using the video after the crime has occurred to identify the suspects. This is often not effective and results in few arrests and does not prevent the crime from occurring. Because traditional CCTV systems are hardwired, and copper theft often involves cutting and stealing electrical and video wire, security systems are often rendered unoperational and ineffective during the copper theft.

Titan Alarm has worked with leading industry companies developed systems to prevent copper theft by catching the thieves in the act or before the crime is committed. Our systems combine wireless motion detector with video IP video cameras that capture and identify movement using sophisticated software, triggering video monitoring, day or night, and alerting our central monitoring station which will verify the video and dispatch authorities up to 90% faster than traditional systems. Our systems are wireless and discreet, to the average person they don’t appear like a video camera and operate over cellular service, so even if the camera itself is stolen it will still continue to send video and location information. Resulting in more arrests.

Video Verification

Traditional security often trigger false alarms, and because of this many jurisdictions require verification to receive a priority response from law enforcement. A verified alarm triggers a priority response from police allowing them to arrive in time to stop damage or theft of your property. Titan Alarm has partnered with leading security companies to offer video verification of alarm events. Our systems capture video once a senor is activated, the video can quickly be verified as a real event and dispatch police within seconds. The differences in response times is often dramatic making video verification a must for companies that are serious about protecting livelihood.  In Phoenix Arizona an unverified alarm had an average response time of up to two hours, a Titan Verified video alarm has an average response time of 5min 13sec. Allowing ample time for the police to arrive and stop the theft before its complete.

Other Steps to Preventing Copper Theft:

Managed Access Control

Often access to the job site, facility or residence is what allows copper theft to occur. Securing your properties perimeter is important to preventing copper theft.

Using motion detectors and IP video surveillance and verified alarm systems combined with managed access controls on all gates, doors and latters is a good way to protect your property. Access control systems for gates, doors and entrances allows your employees, family and friends to have access to your property while stopping all others. Our advanced software based systems can identify intruders and detect whether the motion that triggered the alarm was actually an intruder or was an animal or other non threatening motion. By using smart software along with video verification you can insure the quickest response time and fewer false alarms.

Speak with a security consultant.

Like most things, if you are serious about doing it right, its best to speak with an expert. At Titan Alarm we have decades of experience preventing theft. We employ only the top experts in the field, with back grounds in security, law enforcement and technology. Our security experts will work with you to create a cost effective and highly effective system to ensure the safety or your property and investment.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.