3 Reasons for a Wireless Security System

When shopping for a new Home Security System in Phoenix or Tuscon, you’re going to be faced with a lot of different companies, with a lot of different packages and offers for you for your home. When you’re shopping though, you should remember these 3 perks of having a Wireless Security System.

1. Remote Control

One of the MANY advantages of having a wireless security system in your home, is having the ability to check in on your home from anywhere you are. If you’re out with friends or stuck in the office for work, you can check your cameras with your handy smartphone! You also can check if you forgot on the lights, or would like to turn the lights on to keep intruders out. Have you had issues with the house being too hot or cold when you’re gone? Easy fix. Control your wireless thermostat with your smart phone.


2. Instant Notifications

Along with Remote Check-ins another amazing resource is to have notifications sent to your smartphone when an event happens in your house. Receive notifications any time a door is opened or unlocked, that way you can see who comes and goes, or have notifications sent if your home security system is armed or disarmed.


3. Programmable Features

This is one of our favorites here at Titan Alarm! Did you know that your lights can be programmed to turn on based off of what time it is? Do you have constant fights with your alarm clock in the morning? This is your solution, program your lights to automatically turn on at a certain time to kick you out of bed! Do you leave in a rush in the mornings? Set up a geo-fence that will trigger all the doors to lock, lights to turn off, and thermostat to turn up once you get a certain distance away on work days!


Wireless Security Systems are one of the top trending security systems available now a days! If you’re interested in learning more contact Titan Alarm today! Give us a call 602-680-4567 or TEXT US 623-523-4849

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

Access Control Maintenance

Keeping your business and facilities up and running in a safe way requires a lot of different factors. If you have access control needs, a system will allow you to control who is able to access buildings or different parts of that building, but without routine maintenance on your systems, they can quickly become obsolete.

With Titan Alarm’s Access Control Maintenance Plan we can help you keep it updated!

You can send in requests to add users, delete users and so much more and Titan Alarm will manage it for you!


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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.

What are “Geo-Services”?

Geo Services are an amazing piece of technology that can be highly utilized through Titan Alarm and Alarm.com.

It all begins with something called the “Geo-Fence”, the Geo-Fence is a ring around a specific location that you choose. Geo-Services will then use your location and track you using GPS built into your smart phone, if you ever enter or leave your Geo-Fence the rules that you have previously set up with each fence will be triggered and go to work.

What are the types of rules I can apply?

The following are some of the most frequently used rules and settings:

Thermostat Control: Leaving for the day? Want to save money on electric? Have your thermostat change temperatures when you’re not home or arriving home.
Arming Reminders: You can set it so when you leave your Geo-Fence, you’ll receive a reminder that your system wasn’t armed, if you did not arm it when you left.
Control Your Lights: Have your lights turn on or off whenever you leave or enter the geo-fence.
Stop or Start Video Recording: Have your cameras stop recording when you’re within the geo-fence and start when you leave, stopping any excess footage.

You can have multiple geo-fences, each with their own set of rules. You could leave your home’s geo-fence and receive an arming reminder, then enter the geo-fence surrounding your workplace and have your home’s automated thermostat adjust its temperature.

Geo-Services also allow multiple users and different rules and settings for each user.

How to Configure Geo-Services:

To use Geo-Services all you have to do is log into the Alarm.com app on your mobile device. Once logged in go to Options and choose “Geo-Services”.
Turn the option of Geo-Services to on.

*The GPS or Location Services on your phone must be turned on to use Geo-Services.

Now that your phone has Geo-Services enabled, you have to set up your rules.
To get you going on your own, here’s a step by step to set up a geo-fence and a location triggered event rule, so your lights will turn off when you leave.

1. Log into your account on titanalarm.net

2. Click on the Mobile tab, and then the Geo-Services link that’s below it

3. Create a geo-fence by clicking on the Add a Fence. Here you can specify the location of your geo-fence, change its name and radius (between 1-100 miles). Click Save when you’re finished

4. Click on the Light Automation Rules. To create a rule that automatically turns your lights off when exiting your geo-fence:


5.Click Save

It’s as easy as that.

Want to know more about Geo-Services and how they can be used with your Titan Alarm system? Contact Titan Alarm at 800-973-9001 or TEXT US at 623-523-4849

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.

What To Do After Your Business Was Robbed

Has your business been broken in to and burglarized? That’s one of the worst things that can happen to a business. We wanted to go ahead and give you four tips to recover from a break in at your business.
While the whole situation is still fresh, do these 4 tips as fast as possible for the best results.

1. Contact the Police.

If your business has been robbed, there’s evidence all around you, inside and out of your business. It’s important you notify the police right away and they will be able to send out forensics experts who can examine evidence.

2. Inform Your Insurance Company.

After you’ve contacted the police, make sure you call your insurance company, the sooner, the better with them.
Be prepared with the following information, that way the insurance company can adequately assess the situation.

A summary of the crime.
An estimate of when the crime happened?
Damage done to the property and business, including losses.
Depending on the severity of the burglary the insurance company might send out a claims adjuster to inspect the property.

3. Take inventory of your facility.

After you’ve made the proper calls, make sure you have your employees do a thorough inspection of their workspaces and work areas, have them list any losses they’ve noticed.

4. Call Titan Alarm.

Your business is how you survive, it’s your living. Titan Alarm wants to help you keep your business safe and sound.

Let Titan Alarm show you how affordable and easy it really is to get the best security for your business.
Schedule a free consultation today! Call 602-680-4567 or TEXT US 623-523-4849

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Commercial Security Needs

As your business is growing, so are your security needs. In 2013 there was an estimated 345,031 robberies reported nationwide, and that number keeps growing and growing every year.
With this information, you need to make sure that your security systems are fine tuned to fit your business’ needs.

car lot

Your Business’ Risks

Every different business has different problems that have different security needs.

For example, a car lot needs to keep an eye out for vandals and car thieves, so they need a lot of cameras, video verification, and motion sensors for when the car lot is closed at night.

Although there are a lot of outside threats, there are also risks inside businesses as well. A retail store can face employee theft, customer credit card information and cash theft all from varying inside sources.


Your Business’ Solutions

No business’ needs are identical to others, although all businesses run the risk of theft and break ins, every business varies as far as their industry and where they are located.

Hiring a security company and partner, like Titan Alarm, who is invested into what’s best for your business is by far the easiest first step. Business owners have worked too hard to make sure their products stick out in the vast over populated market now a days. They put so much time, effort and passion into their products, they should put the best they can get to make sure they’re protected and safe. A local security company that has the experience you need, and the hometown feel you want will actually give you the time of day and make sure that you get the best you need for your business.

Titan Alarm is a local company in Phoenix, Arizona and now Tucson. We offer solutions for every business’ needs. Let us come out and give you a free commercial security consultation, and help your business’ security grow.

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Try Out a System!

With how much attention is growing on home automation, remote controlled and connected smart homes, Z-Wave solutions are starting to form and grow new opportunities in the security market. To help showcase our equipment we have launched a connected home system display at 23425 N. 39th Drive.

We’re creating a uniquely cool and delicious experience with Poseidon Water and D+K Custom Interior Design, enjoy 23 flavors of delicious Thrifty Ice Cream while touring the design center, featuring all types of kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, flooring and a Titan Alarm interactive home security demo.

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Keep Kids Safe with Home Automation.

Do you have kids that are home alone after school? Are you ever worried about their safety being home alone? We want to do everything we can to help out all of our customers and help them really utilize their Titan Alarm system to the best they can. Here’s are three key ways you can help keep your kids safe while home alone after school.

1. Notification of Arrival with a Home Security System

With the Titan Alarm smart lock for your doors, you can set up user codes to get in the door, which means your child can have their own code to get in to the house and you’ll be notified when they do! It makes it easy to track their time to get home and it let’s you keep an eye on your system closely while they’re home.

You can create and manage user codes through the Control Panel or titanalarm.net.


2. Install Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras and video surveillance systems are a great way to keep your kids safe while they’re at home alone. Even though you aren’t physically there, you can still check in on them with the camera and keep an eye on them.


3. Keep Your Lights On with a Home Automation System

Keeping your lights on is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make it look like you’re home, with a Titan Alarm Home Automation system it will allow you to turn lights on and off remotely. You can also use the light controls to control power to some appliances, that way you can keep an eye on how much time they’re on the TV or Video Games.


Home Automation Isn’t Just a Smart House. It’s a Smart Home!

Your home alarm system and automation system is an amazing tool that can do so many different things. Keeping your kids safe is just one of the many benefits you can use. Contact us to schedule a free home automation consultation today.

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