4 Access Control Tips for Home

Having a home automation system installed in your house isn’t just smart, it’s safe as well.
We’ll cover one of the big sellers in the home automation world: smart locks.

A smart lock is paired with your smart home systems so that control can be done from your smartphone, computer or your system’s touchpad.

Here are 4 tips on how to get the most out of your smart locks!

1. Forgetful?
You rush out of the house late, spilling coffee on your way out, trying to get to your car to hit the road before bad traffic, half way to work, you realize you don’t remember if you locked the front door or not. Fear not, pull out your trusty smart phone and check the status of your door locks, if it’s unlocked a quick touch of a button will lock your door for you!




2. Easy Access.
Your neighbor forgot to turn off the iron and calls you to ask you to go turn it off for them, where is the first place you’ll look for a key? Under the front door mat. With smart locks we can get rid of that hiding place and hiding keys completely!
With a smart lock installed on your door you can control who goes in or out all with your smart phone. Pretty smart.




3. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
Your house is on fire, the doors and locks are way too hot too touch, so you can’t get outside to the safety away from your house being on fire. When your home automation system has both smoke detectors and smart locks on it, the smoke detector can send a notification to your monitoring station and unlock the doors that have smart locks on them, making escape easy, and the response time immensely shorter.




4. Medical Emergencies.
If you have aging parents who live alone, this one will strike a note with you. Imagine they just had a stroke, with strokes every second counts to be able to have a full recovery. Your parents press the panic button which signals for emergency services to come and it also unlocks the front door so that the EMT’s or firefighters don’t have issues getting in to distribute help.






Smart locks, mean a safe house.
A safe house, means a smart owner.

Interested in learning more about smart locks, home automation or home security? Titan Alarm is here to answer all of your questions.
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Commercial Access Control

Now a days, businesses of all sizes are starting to get more and more serious about their security. So many don’t fully know what they are getting into and call the first one they can find and “hope for the best”, instead of taking the right amount of time to really research and find the best company for their needs.

What Business Security Solutions Does Titan Alarm Offer?

At Titan Alarm we offer a wide range of solutions for your business, and not just security! We have video surveillance systems, alarm systems, access control and even fire systems!

What is an Access Control System?

Access Control systems do what their name sounds like, they control the access to buildings, rooms or resources. When you install an Access Control System you then have access to be able to restrict and monitor who has access to any building, room or facility.

Does my business need an Access Control System?

It’s important for any sized business to keep all data safe, so to do that, we have to keep threats away. Every business does the basic version of that by putting locks on doors and giving keys to employees. You can benefit from an Access Control System if you can answer yes to any of the following questions!

Is a lost/stolen key an immediate security threat to your business?
Do different employees need different access privileges?
Would it be beneficial to restrict or allow access based on time or day?
Do I need a record of when someone enters or leaves a door?
Could my employees and clients be more secure?

Access control systems come in a variety of types and sizes with custom solutions for every company. Titan Alarm is ready to help meet your business’ needs! We have solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Contact us today to find out how we can help you secure your business with an Access Control System!

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Why Smoke Alarms Are Needed

A fire at a commercial location can cause devastating damage to businesses, in some cases to the point of the business having to go out of business. Unfortunately there’s no way to completely prevent a fire from happening. There are a few steps though that a business can take to help prevent serious damage. One of the biggest ways this is done is with smoke alarms.

When it comes to getting Smoke Alarms and Fire Systems there are two different types of fires that can be detected by these systems.

Smoldering Fire
This kind of fire normally happens after something has been ignited, the most common cause of this fire is caused by a cigarette. A smoldering fire functions the same was as coals, it creates a large amount of smoke and if it is left unattended it can turn into a flaming fire. These are detected by smoke detectors due to the amount of smoke that is caused by a smoldering fire.


Flaming Fire
This kind of fire normally happens after something has been ignited and a flame is present. The most common things to cause a flaming fire to ignite includes paper, cooking equipment, flammable liquids and wood. When this happens the fire is detected by flames and it won’t trigger a smoke detector because of the lack of a thick smoke.


Everyone wants to protect against both of these kinds of fires, the easiest way to do that is to install the different kinds of smoke alarms and fire detectors throughout your facility. You should use photoelectric smoke alarms in an area where a larger fire could happen and an Ionization smoke alarm in an area where a smaller fire could happen. Smoke Alarms and Fire Detectors can alert the occupants of a building if there is a fire and can also alert the authorities that there is a fire.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Detectors used together with sprinkler systems are the best way to keep building safe a go through minimal fire damage.

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5 Reasons To Have Your Fire System Inspected

5 Reasons that Having Your Fire Alarm System Inspected is Important

If you have a fire alarm or fire sprinkler system in your building, it is important to have it tested and inspected frequently. Here are five of the most important reasons why this test/inspection service is critical to the livelihood of your business:

1. To meet local building code and fire inspector requirements
Your system is required to be tested on a regular, ongoing basis in order to satisfy national fire code (NFPA 72) and the requirements of your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). These tests should be administered by a licensed, certified technician.

2. To satisfy insurance carrier requirements
Did you know that your insurance company may not cover damages that are caused by a system that has not been tested/inspected according to NFPA 72 requirements? The only thing worse than having a fire in your building would be having the insurance deny your claim due to a lack of code compliance!

3. To assure that system is functioning properly
Most alarm panels require regular testing and inspections to ensure that they are working properly. This involves both a visual inspections of all of the system components, as well as a functional test of the system to ensure that each element works properly

4. To assure that the system does not create false alarms that waste time/resources of your local fire department.
The firefighting heroes that work in your city have a big job, ensuring that both fire and medical emergencies are responding to quickly, effectively, and efficiently. When a fire truck rolls to your facility for a false alarm due to a poorly functioning system, the valuable resources of your fire department are being wasted and the focus of those firefighters is diverted from people and property that truly need assistance.

5. To limit liability for potential injuries of tenants, employees, of visitors of your business
A fire alarm and fire sprinkler system is designed with strict codes in order to provide enhanced safety and protection over your property and the personnel inside. A regular inspection and test of the system ensures that the system still operates according to those code standards, providing peace of mind that the system will work as designed in the event of a fire.

To learn more about Fire System Inspection or to schedule Titan Alarm to inspect your system give us a call or text us!



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Prevent Workplace Fires

One of the worst possible things to happen when your at work is a co-worker starting a fire. Although a lot of these fires are unavoidable, some of them can be prevented with these tips!

Check your wires! Before you go and plug in a computer or other electric device into an outlet always examine the wiring. If the wire is split, frayed or damaged it could cause an electrical fire.


Smoke Free Zone! Designate smoking areas outside of the building for the employees that smoke. Also make sure there are the right trash bins for employees to dispose of their cigarettes.

smoking area

Get Cooking! Set up a kitchen area with designated cooking utensils. If an employee has a hot plate at their desk it could cause a fire.


Keep is clean! Store any materials that are potentially flammable in a safe area. Make sure all warning labels are read and be sure to keep all those materials in a clean, safe area.


Less is More! Avoid overloading outlets and power strips in the office. If they overheat it could lead to a fire.


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Fire System Inspection

Preparing for a Fire Inspection

Inspections for your Fire Systems happen so that the level of safety in your building can be evaluated and their ability to extinguish a fire in case of an emergency. A fire inspection also happens to make sure all safety standards and fire codes are being met and upheld. Without having a fire system inspection, buildings could become unsafe for the public to enter, work in or reside in.

What’s Inspected during a Fire Systems Inspection?

Our technicians will look at a multitude of things during a fire systems inspection, including the following:

1. Design of the building
2. Construction of the building
3. Fire Sprinkler Systems
4. Fire Alarm Systems
5. Fire Emergency Procedures
6. Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans
7. Fire Extinguishers


What are the requirements in a Fire Systems Inspection?

There are requirements that buildings have to meet, both inside and outside, in order to successfully pass a fire systems inspection.

Some of the requirements for the outside of the building can include:

1. The building’s gas meter MUST be covered and protected
2. The building’s address needs to be the right size to be seen from the street
3. Trash and debris shouldn’t be on the grounds of the building

Some of the requirements for the inside of the building can include:

1. Pathways for an exit must be illuminated
2. Extinguishers must be labeled, stickered and tagged
3. Building aisles should be debris, trash and obstruction free
4. Building Capacity signs need to be displayed at the main entrance of your facility
5. Extinguishers must be the proper code for your facility varying on the potential hazards
6. Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms need to be tested and working




How to Prepare for a Fire Systems Inspection.

Keeping up with maintenance is the best way to be prepared for a fire systems inspection.

At Titan Alarm, we offer wide variety of fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems to keep commercial and residential buildings safe.


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Smoke Detectors and Fire Systems for Home

Working smoke alarms and fire systems at home can provide life-saving tactics from potential fires. That’s a fact that has been pushed out into the public very well for years now, and it’s one we all know to be true. Unfortunately the public isn’t as educated as to WHERE fire alarms and smoke detectors should be placed throughout the house.
According to recent surveys, less than half of the general public know that there should be a fire alarm or smoke alarm installed in each room of the house.

In order to better educate everyone, here’s a few pointers about installing and keeping up with your smoke alarms and fire systems.

  • One Per Room – One of the biggest issues is that many houses aren’t as equipped as they should be, make sure you have a fire alarm or smoke detector in each room.
  • Right Outside – Another great place for a smoke detector or fire alarm is right outside rooms, in the hallways and one on each level of the house.
  • Change The Batteries – Your smoke detector batteries should be replaced at least twice a year. Remember, you don’t want your batteries to go bad when you need it most.

smoke blog

About half of the fire deaths that happen in the U.S. every year, happen between 10pm and 7am. During the hours where most people are sleeping. If you have a working smoke alarm or fire system that number can reduce the risk of dying in a house fire in half.

These facts all work with the importance of having working smoke alarms or fire systems in all bedrooms.

For more information on Fire Systems in Phoenix or Smoke Detectors contact one of our Titan Alarm specialists today!

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Keep Your Deliveries Safe

It’s been in the news a lot lately, if it’s not the local UPS man throwing packages, it’s a neighbor or passerby stealing your packages. We’ve seen a spike in customer’s wanting security cameras for their home here at Titan Alarm, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to keep your packages secured and keep your home safe with security cameras.

1. Security Cameras – A Video Surveillance System and Security Cameras will be the biggest way to keep your packages safe from thieves, if the packages go missing, you’ll have video of who took them.


2. Positioning Your Security Cameras – The Professional Technicians at Titan Alarm know the best way to keep an eye on your prized goods, when you get a system with us, we can make sure that your cameras are in the prime spots for deterring and catching criminals.


3. Signature Required – When you receive shipping confirmation, find out what delivery service is being used and contact them to request a signature upon delivery. If you aren’t home when it’s delivered then they will try again the next day that way your packages are not left unattended at your front door.



With Security Cameras and a Video Surveillance System you can’t stop a thief, but you can help catch and even deter them from stealing your packages if they see a camera.

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Wireless Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems.

A wireless camera includes a built-in transmitter to send video over the air to a receiver instead of through a wire. Many people aren’t aware that there are multiple types of wireless technology in use, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.


What is a Wireless Security Camera?

With technology constantly improving, wireless technology is now being applied to almost everything now a days, and the best thing is, security cameras and video surveillance systems are taking full advantage of it.


How does a Wireless Security Camera or Video Surveillance System work?

A wireless security camera has a wireless transmitter built into it, to allow video to be sent through the air to a home base (receiver) for viewing, rather than being hardwired into a home base.


Is a Wireless Security Camera truly wireless?

Although most wireless security cameras are technically cordless, meaning they don’t need to be hardwired in and that they transmit through a wireless signal source, they still need to be plugged in a power source. With that in mind, there are some security cameras that have batteries, that makes them truly wireless, but keep in mind, batteries can die at the most inconvenient times, and are not the best source of power to rely on.


Can I make a Wired Security Camera into a Wireless Security Camera?

You most definitely can, although at Titan Alarm we don’t recommend it. With security cameras and video surveillance you really get what you pay for, so if you’re looking for the cheap way around getting wireless security cameras, the quality you receive won’t be nearly as good as if you contacted Titan Alarm for us to set up a Video Surveillance System for you with cameras that were made to be wireless.

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