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Temperature Sensors

Titan Alarm is taking the Smart Home Energy Management System to a new level, we are now rolling out the Alarm.com Smart Home Thermostat Temperature Sensors. With these sensors your Smart Thermostat will now be enabled to take smarter steps to maximize energy savings...

Beat The Heat

When you think “Smart Thermostat” do you think of saving money on your energy bill? Or do you think of a more comfortable house? If you’re one of the people who think of both, well then congrats! You aren’t alone in your thinking! In fact, according to a recent Home...

Saving Money with Energy Management

In Arizona, we all know that July and August can be some of the hottest times of year in this hot hot desert state. Which means expensive energy bills to keep your house cool and in a comfortable environment to live in. Inside houses, the top floors of the house get...

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