The Importance of Fire Inspections for your Business

fireinspectionProtecting employees, customers and property from the devastation of a fire is not on the moral obligation of a business owner, but it’s a requirement of the law. Failure to properly inspect your fire systems on a routine basis can lead to failures in the system, resulting in devastating losses for your business and potential fees and legal action from your local government. Its important to hire a professional inspector who not only understands the law, but also how to properly install and maintain the highest quality fire protection equipment in the optimal way for you location.


It’s the Law


In order to ensure that your fire alarm system is working properly it is required to be tested and inspected by a licensed fire alarm inspection company. This is required by law and should be performed at least once a year. Licensed inspectors will perform the required testing and inspection, provide a detailed inspection report, and can perform repairs on any noted deficiencies.


Most jurisdictions require at minimum an annual inspection by a licensed, certified fire inspector. Fire laws vary from state to state. In Arizona businesses are governed by state and local municipal fire codes and require fire inspections at least once per year and always when starting new construction projects or major renovations.


Failure to comply with the state and local codes to inspect your business properly can result in work freezes that can shut down your construction project or freeze your business activates. This along with fines for lack of compliance can cripple your ability to do business.


Legal information pertaining to your business can be obtained by visiting the websites for local, state and county fire marshals office. Projects and businesses operating at the federal level may also be subject to federal fire laws and codes.


Hiring a licensed fire inspection company is the best way to insure you are complying with all the applicable laws and is often required.



It’s the Right thing to Do


Protecting the safety of your employees, your property and assets is always the main objective of a fire inspection. Small problems can quickly lead to giant ones in a fire protection system and a fire is unforgiving event often resulting in great damage if the right systems are not functioning to prevent it and monitor for it. A yearly fire inspection is a great way to identify possible trouble areas.


Often basic code compliance does not mean optimal fire protection. Hiring a licensed fire inspector will also give you insight into how your system is functioning and what areas need work or improvement and can guide you in actions you can take to prevent problems with your systems, such as preventive maintenance for your fire system.








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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.