Z-Wave Smart Home

When we talk about smart home devices there are many different brands we can cover with that topic, but with Titan Alarm you will always receive a Z-Wave Certified smart home device. Now you may be asking yourself, what’s Z-Wave? That’s something that we’re excited to get to tell you about!

Z-Wave technology is what most major security companies and smart home automation companies use with their devices to power smart homes. It can wirelessly power the programs that run the smart home. Including smart home locks, thermostats, lights and a whole lot more of other smart home devices that will all communicate with each other and your smart phone!

There are many devices from the major security brands out there like Honeywell and Kwikset are both powered by Z-Wave technology.

Why Z-Wave Matters

1. Security

With how popular smart home automation has become, there has been a new market springing up for smart home system appliances, many of these devices are not as secure and safe as they claim to be, especially if they’re a no name brand that’s cheap from China. Which leaves you and your smart home at risk, these devices have a lot of vulnerable security breaches and do not have the safety for your house.

With a Z-Wave device they go through rigorous testing and trials and are certified through the Z-Wave Alliance Consortium. The testing includes the following:

technical testing, programs for uniformity of marks, and enforcement of certification standards.

Z-Wave also uses the same encryption as online banking which is known as AES128.


2. Multiple Options

Z-Wave currently powers “more than 1,000 interoperable products from more than 300 leading worldwide brands.” Regardless of company and brand, Z-Wave devices can all work together in your home.

3. Simplicity

For the people who aren’t as technologically savvy as the younger generations, Z-Wave products are super easy to manage and extremely approachable. While the security behind Z-Wave is complex, using your Z-Wave device isn’t.


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Public Building Surveillance

In larger cities like the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and the surrounding cities, there is always a lot of vandalism, traffic violations and crime, all of which put neighborhoods and properties at risk. With the latest technology from Titan Alarm, we can help these cities avoid and decrease their risk of these problems happening.

Security cameras although unable to stop a crime, can help prevent crimes by scaring off a potential criminal if they see the cameras.




How to Help Deter Local Crime.

With Video Surveillance in Phoenix, city surveillance can help local officials identify and respond to incidents that happen wherever the city has video surveillance cameras installed.

With the help of Titan Alarm, the local law enforcement and the local city officials can all monitor the activity that occurs in the public spaces remotely, with the Alarm.com application.

If your city needs a surveillance camera monitoring system, consider getting them for the following locations:

  • Public City Buildings. Avoid vandalism, and prevent crime and break ins at city owned public buildings.
  • Parking Lots and Parks. With Titan Alarm you can carefully keep an eye on the wide open areas of your city, like parking lots and public parts. With multiple cameras you can keep the best watch in your control.
  • Stoplights. Video Surveillance cameras at stoplights can help you make sure that traffic flow is smooth and you can check on intersections before emergency vehicles need to cross intersections.
  • Restricted City Areas. Set motion-triggered cameras and video surveillance to receive notifications if movement is detected in restricted areas of the city.



Custom Solutions for Your City’s Needs 

Although most larger cities face challenges similar to each other, no two city’s needs are going to be the same. Titan Alarm offers a fully customizable solution for your city and it’s needs. Make sure to think about the following questions when you call Titan Alarm to meet with one of our amazing Sales Associates.

  • In what areas would video monitoring be helpful?
  • How many surveillance cameras are needed?
  • What is the proper bandwidth and storage needed for functionality?
  • Will cameras be used indoors or outdoors?
  • Are cameras compatible with current network connection(s)?

Contact Titan Alarm today and let us help you secure your city! Call us: 602-680-4567 or Text us: 623-523-4849.


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Smart Home Security For The Working Parent

A recent study stated that a majority of households in the United States are dual income. Around 68% of all married mothers and 94% of all married fathers are all in the labor force and working to provide for their families.

For the working parent, they’re overwhelmed by busy schedules, school trips, business trips and often are stuck with hours at work that are unfortunately not flexible, which leads to managing the home being a daily challenge.

With the advances of technology, home automation has become a life saver for parents who are not able to be home as much as they would like. Things like remote monitoring, notifications for when your front door is opened and so much more have opened the door for parents to be able to keep a better eye on their house and family when they’re away.

1. Automated Lights

With Automated Lights you can help shrink your electric bill and really control and conserve energy with the use of your smart phone. If you forgot a light on? Go ahead and turn it off remotely via the Alarm.com application, saving you money on your electric bill rather than paying for lights to be on when they’re not needed.



2. Remote Locks & Access Control 

When people think Access Control they think about commercial businesses using Key FOBs and coded cards to enter into the facility, but what most people don’t know is that you can have Access Control at Home as well. When you have Access Control installed at home, you can set a code for your family, friends and trusted people to enter and exit the home securely and to receive notifications when it happens as well. Through mobile alerts, you can instantly know if a child or family member has entered your home, it’s a great way to have accountability especially when they get to the age where they have a curfew.

One of the main forms of Access Control at home is to have Automated or Remote Control locks installed on your door, these locks can be controlled with the touch of a button from your smart phone and the Alarm.com application. It’s an  awesome feature to have installed on your home especially if you have a lot of people coming and going through your house, or if you’re going on vacation and you have a house sitter and don’t want to have to make a copy of your key.



3. Sensors

When you’re a busy parent, you can have issues keeping track of areas of the house that you don’t necessarily want your children in, such as medicine cabinets or alcohol cubbards. With a sensor installed in high risk areas, you’ll receive notifications when the sensor is triggered and it will allow you to check in and make sure the restricted areas are accessed by the right people at the right times.




4. Video Surveillance

Using your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can keep an eye on your house, home and family, anywhere you are, remotely with Titan Alarm’s Video Surveillance for Home. Keep an eye on your kids, tutors, caregivers and babysitters with the touch of a button on an extremely amazing application.

If someone arrives at your front door, motion triggered notifications can let you see who’s knocking on your door with a live video feed from a Home Security camera installed on your front door or porch.



Titan Alarm has the solution for busy parents and the parents who just need an extra hand keeping an eye on their home. If any of these solutions sounded like a great fit for you or you want an even more customized solution call Titan Alarm today! 602-680-4567 or text us! 623-523-4849

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Smart Home Automation With Your Children

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, it’s time that we all should embrace the fact that the younger generations are about to pass us up with their understanding of technology. So with today’s kids using iPhones, iPads and everything in-between for their entertainment, let’s train them on how to help run your house’s Smart Home Automation system so that they can turn lights on and off too if they forgot them on.

According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of today’s teens all have smartphones, which means your kids will be nothing short of being able to properly access and utilize the smart home application.

We’ve listed a 3 step guide below of how to teach your kids how to use your smart home security system, and how to use it smartly.





2-Steps to Teach Responsible Smart Home Application Use

1. Make it Familiar: Download the Alarm.com application to their phone and walk through the application and everything it can do together. Show them how to control the main smart home application components, the lights, locks, thermostats, and other devices that you have installed throughout your home. If you run into issues or confusion feel free to contact us and have one of our Titan Alarm Specialists help you out.




2. Understanding Risks: After you’ve taught your child how to use the Alarm.com application, make sure they understand that there are a lot of responsibilities along with being taught how to use the application. Make sure they understand that they could put your family and house’s security at risk if they misuse the application and that they need to take using the application very serious.

Make sure that you have set rules as a family that will work for everyone involved. Work as a family to set expectations with energy management, home security and home automation.


home automation


Titan Alarm wants to help you implement Home Automation into your Family’s life, give us a call today 602-680-4567 or text us 623-523-4849.


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