Construction Employee Safety Tips


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,836 fatal workplace injuries in the U.S. in 2015 — 937 of which occurred in the private construction industry. Typical construction site hazards include everything from improperly erected ladders and scaffolding to unsafe operation of heavy equipment such as cranes and forklifts. The following tips can significantly improve safety for construction site workers:

  • Proper training: Safety in construction begins with appropriate training. To maximize its effectiveness, safety training for construction workers should be ongoing and job-specific. Post-event safety training is also essential for preventing similar incidents from occurring in the future. Develop a set of safe operating procedures for every assigned task.
  • Fall protection steps: The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) points out that falls are typically the leading cause of construction-related fatalities each year. If you employ construction personnel who work at heights, aerial lifts or elevated platforms can provide a better construction safety alternative to scaffolding or ladders. Using safety netting and body harnesses can also help to prevent fall-related injuries and fatalities.
  • Preventing trench collapses: Trenches pose another common safety hazard in construction site operations. OSHA recommends enlisting the services of a professional engineer to design a protective safety system for trenches deeper than 20 feet. Provide a safe, convenient method for exiting a trench such as a ladder, stairway or ramp.
  • Electrical safety precautions: Working around electricity can pose a major hazard in construction site operations. Key electrical safety steps include promptly replacing frayed or worn wires and cables, keeping ladders and scaffolding at least 10 feet away from power lines and ensuring all electrical tools and equipment are properly grounded.
  • Construction worker safety practices: Construction employees should play a prominent role in their own safety. All construction site workers are responsible for following recommended construction safety procedures. They should also immediately bring any improperly operating or unsafe tools or heavy equipment to the attention of their supervisor. In addition, workers should always wear proper personal protection equipment such as helmets, gloves, safety goggles and face shields.
  • Make first aid easily accessible: When a construction injury does occur, immediate treatment can often minimize the impact. A basic first aid kit for treating cuts, sprains, scrapes and minor burns should be readily available at each work area. If employees cannot locate the first aid kid or if it is missing some medical supplies, they should notify their supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Construction site fencing: Install fencing around dangerous areas such as trenches or excavation sites, as this can prevent workers or passersby from accidentally falling into a deep hole. Repair or replace damaged fencing as quickly as possible.

Contact Titan Alarm, Inc. for Your Construction Site Security Needs

Unattended construction sites are vulnerable to acts of vandalism, such as damaging equipment or fencing, that could jeopardize the safety of your workers. If you operate construction sites in the Phoenix, AZ area, Titan Alarm can provide an effective, affordable security solution for your company. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation construction safety/security consultation today.

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Keeping Kids Safe in School


Except for the summer months, kids probably spend more time at school than anywhere else. As parents, we want to make sure the school environment is as safe as possible for children. The following kids’ school safety tips can help you keep your kids out of harm’s way and give you a little extra peace of mind:

  • Become familiar with school policies: At the beginning of each school year, review the school’s handbook to learn about its policies regarding potential child safety issues such as bullying, fighting and visitor access. You’ll also want to know what plans are in place in case of an emergency. Contact the school administration if you have questions or concerns about any safety procedures.
  • Teach your kids how to handle difficult situations: Bullying is a common problem in many schools that can sometimes evolve into a dangerous situation. Instruct your kids on how to react if they feel threatened by another student. Explain how talking about the problem with you or a teacher or simply walking away are much better alternatives than responding to the bully and getting into a fight.
  • Keep an open dialog: Children often will not volunteer information about what is going on at school, especially if they are being bullied or have gotten into trouble. Open communication can go a long way toward keeping children safe in school. The simple act of asking open-ended questions about your child’s day at school can often reveal whether they may be experiencing any difficulties.
  • Get involved with school activities: Getting involved in school activities such as PTA and clubs can actually contribute to the safety of children at school. You’ll have a better insight into the school’s environment, and the interaction with other parents can sometimes provide information about what is happening at the school. You will also become a stronger presence in your child’s life.
  • Inform school officials of any health conditions: If your child has a chronic health condition that may prevent them from engaging in certain activities, bring this to the attention your child’s teachers. Make sure your child has all medications with them before heading to school.
  • Safety to and from school: Safety threats can also occur outside of school, especially when kids are heading to school or on their way home. If your kids walk to school, have them walk with another classmate, if possible. Also avoid placing an open label with your child’s name on their backpack, as this can allow a stranger to call out their name.

Bullying can even occur on a school bus, too. If your child rides the bus, get to know the bus driver and touch base with them periodically to determine if there are any concerning issues.

A Titan Alarm Security System Can Help Keep Kids Safe in School

An advanced security system with features such as video cameras and access control devices can also help keep children safe in school. If you are a school administrator in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact Titan Alarm, Inc. to explore your security options.

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Restaurant Safety and Security


Safety and security is always a top concern for restaurant owners. Restaurant workers face a relatively high risk of injury and illness, many of which can easily be prevented through proper training. Restaurants are also vulnerable to robberies and burglaries, and internal theft by employees is not an uncommon occurrence, either.

In this post, we will provide a few restaurant health and safety tips for employees, as well as offer some practical crime prevention advice to help you create a more secure environment.

Restaurant Safety Tips

Restaurant safety practices should focus on three basic areas: (a) removing potential hazards where possible, (b) finding ways to improve work procedures, and (c) making use of protective clothing and equipment. Appropriate restaurant safety training can positively impact the latter two areas. Specific training measures include:

  • Teaching employees to follow manufacturer instructions and wear protective gear when operating equipment featuring sharp blades or parts (meat slicers or other cutting tools) or equipment that poses a high burn risk (deep fryers, griddles).
  • Instructing employees in proper hand-washing techniques and making sure they wash their hands after handling food, utensils and equipment as well as after using the restroom.
  • Slipping and falling is a common cause of injuries in restaurants, so employees must be trained to thoroughly clean and dry the floor after a spill.
  • Good personal hygiene is essential for protecting the health of all restaurant workers and patrons. Be sure your employees are well-groomed, wear clean clothing or uniforms and avoid coughing or sneezing in food preparation areas.
  • Develop an action plan and train employees on how to implement it in the event of a kitchen fire or other emergency situation.

Restaurant Crime Prevention Tips

Implementing the following security measures can make your restaurant less vulnerable to criminal activity:

  • Thieves can’t steal something that isn’t there. Don’t leave a lot of cash lying around — make frequent bank deposits of your restaurant’s cash proceeds.
  • Make sure at least two employees (or you and another employee) are there to execute your restaurant’s opening and closing each day.
  • Employee theft is the most common restaurant crime, and thefts are often perpetrated by “trusted” employees who help to run the establishment. Keep a close watch on all employees, particularly those who handle cash or are involved in any type of sales transaction.
  • Install security cameras to monitor vulnerable areas of your business including the kitchen, office, cash register and building entrances.
  • Install alarms/intrusion detection systems to deter burglaries and immediately alert first responders in the event of an after-hours break-in or fire.

 Contact Titan Alarm for Your Restaurant Security Needs

Installing a state-of-the-art, fully integrated security system consisting of elements such as access control, alarms and alerts, video surveillance and intrusion detection is a critical security measure for any restaurant. If you operate a restaurant in the Phoenix, AZ area, the security professionals at Titan Alarm, Inc. can help you design and implement a customized security solution to protect your establishment against theft, fire and other hazards. Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation today.

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Safety Tips to Teach Your Retail Employees


If you own or operate a retail store, you probably understand the importance of creating a safe environment for your employees — and your customers. You also recognize the need to take effective loss prevention steps to reduce shrinkage. What follows is some practical advice to improve health and safety in shops and other types of retail establishments, as well as a few useful loss prevention tips.

Injury Prevention Advice for Retail Establishments

With all the potential hazards retail employees face, efforts to ensure health and safety in retail stores should focus on preventing injuries. Retail safety tips for minimizing the likelihood of injuries include:

  • Teach them proper lifting techniques: Retail employees that handle stock must do a great deal of bending and lifting. Train them how to lift heavier items in a manner that minimizes the risk of back injury and to ask for help if the object is too heavy for one person.
  • Provide training on appropriate use of equipment: Larger retail operations such as grocery stores and mass merchandisers rely on equipment such as motorized pallet jacks and forklifts for material handling and loading. Make sure the use of this equipment is limited to personnel who have received adequate training on how to operate it safely.
  • Take steps to improve worker comfort: Retail employees spend a great deal of time on their feet, which can ultimately cause leg or back injuries and increase fatigue. Allow them to sit on stools whenever possible, and consider placing cushioned mats on floors in work areas such as stockrooms where employees must stand for extended periods.
  • Clean up spills immediately: Wet floors due to spills and broken packages is a common issue in many retail environments. Make sure your employees are trained to thoroughly mop up and dry spills as soon as they occur. Place signage to alert customers and employees of any areas that remain wet.

Retail Loss Prevention Tips

Shrinkage is the loss of merchandise due to activities such as employee theft, shoplifting and breakage. Loss prevention steps that can effectively reduce shrinkage include:

  • Employ well-trained loss prevention/security professionals and ensure they are highly visible on your sales floor
  • Train your employees on the types of suspicious behavior to watch for that could indicate criminal activity
  • Display high-value items in plain sight and limit the number that are on the sales floor to only a few
  • Keep a close watch on cash registers and other areas where transactions occur, such as customer service desks
  • Deter theft by deploying a robust security system with highly visible features such as security cameras and monitors
  • Make sure your security camera views cover high-risk areas such as stockrooms, loading docks and any hidden spots on your sales floor

Titan Alarm, Inc. Can Handle Your Retail Security Needs in Phoenix, AZ

Titan Alarm can design and install a comprehensive security system for virtually any type of retail establishment in the Phoenix, AZ area. Feel free to contact us for more helpful retail safety and loss prevention tips, and to schedule a no-obligation security consultation.

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Titan Alarm Acquires Arrow Security Design

mike-waist-up-1Titan Alarm Inc. finished out the year strong as they closed on acquisition number three on September 30th, 2016.  Arrow Security Design, LLC. was owned and operated by Ray Millazo of Scottsdale Arizona.  “Ray has been in the business for more than 30 years and was able to generate some long time customers in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas,” said Mike Proudfit.  “Ray felt like it was time for him to retire after running the business after so many years of providing excellent service to his customers.  It was an honor to have the opportunity to purchase his account base as I know Ray did go to market and discussed selling his accounts with more than three companies after which he ended up selecting Titan Alarm Inc.”

Ray Milazzo is well connected in the Alarm industry and was able to make a few phone calls and review multiple offers. After doing so, the choice was clear to him.  Ray felt that not only was Titan Alarm Inc. offering the best price for his account base, but  that the company was best suited to offer his customers the newest technology and service options going forward in the changing industry.  Arrow Security Design, LLC. was an even mix of commercial/residential monitored security accounts sprinkled across old Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area. “This was a perfect acquisition for Titan Alarm Inc. and we were able to close within a few weeks streamlining the acquisition process.” said Proudfit.

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Titan Alarm Acquires Giant Security Systems

Titan Alarm Inc., a security, access, fire and surveillance company based in Phoenix Arizona, made its second acquisition of the year with the purchase of 440 accounts from Giant Security Systems, Inc., also based in Phoenix. Titan Alarm CEO, Mike Proudfit, told Security System News, “discussions with Giant Security Systems owner Nick Pugliese began last year. I knew after meeting him, and the integrity and character that he displayed while getting to know him over the course of the past year, that he would have a great base of customers.” Proudfit said that in addition to acquiring a “great customer base with a great history,” Pugliese is joining Titan Alarm Inc. as service manager. “When it comes to acquisitions, we are interested in good people, and Nick is one of those good people that we are referring to.”

This is Titan Alarm’s second acquisition since closing on a $5 million line of credit with The PrivateBank. Proudfit indicated that Titan Alarm has been growing rapidly since he and his brother, Titan Alarm COO, Taylor Proudfit, founded the company in 2008. Mike said, “Titan will be at $175,000 in Recurring Monthly Revenue by 2016 years end” and he expects the company to double in size within the next two years. “We are growing tremendously on the organic side, and revenue-wise we are up significantly from last year, and should reach the $2 million installation revenue mark this year.”

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Keep Your Vacant Property Safe


A vacant property presents an inviting target for thieves, vandals and trespassers. Empty properties that are not properly maintained also pose an increased risk of fire. In this post, we will outline a few vacant property protection steps that can deter intruders and help prevent damage from occurring.

Keep Up Appearances

A vacant property that appears to be occupied is less likely to attract the attention of unwanted visitors. Keep the exterior of the building free of trash and debris, and mow the lawn and maintain the landscaping on a regular basis. Making occasional changes such as adding or removing a lawn ornament or wind chime can also enhance the lived-in effect.

Make Routine Visits

Visit the property every week or so to look for signs of possible intrusion, such as broken windows or compromised door locks. It’s also possible that thieves or vandals will see you entering or leaving the property, which can serve as a deterrent. Be certain to alter the times you visit the property to avoid making it look like a routine inspection.

Work With the Neighbors

Neighbors can prove invaluable in your vacant property security efforts. Neighbors who own homes on your block have a vested interest in the condition of your property in terms of maintaining their own property’s value. They can be a great help simply by keeping an eye out and watching for signs of suspicious activity. If there is a neighborhood watch group in the area, be sure to keep them informed of your property’s status.

Contact Law Enforcement

Let the local police department know when your property becomes vacant. Officers can monitor the property during their routine patrols and watch for signs of a break-in, trespassing or overnight occupation by squatters or homeless individuals.

Keep the Property Well-Lit

While keeping the interior of a vacant property lit at night may not be a practical option, exterior lighting can be an effective deterrent to potential intruders. Consider installing motion-sensor security lights that activate automatically upon breaching of the property’s perimeter. Security lighting should be installed so it can easily be seen from a neighboring home or business.

Install a Security System

Your empty property security efforts should also include the installation of a comprehensive, fully integrated security system. The most effective systems feature a combination of strategically placed cameras to ensure 24/7 video surveillance, intrusion detection devices such as motion sensors and state-of-the art fire and burglar alarms. Smart technology is especially important for a vacant property, as this enables the owner to remotely monitor activity at any time via smartphone, tablet or web-connected computer.

Titan Alarm Inc. Can Meet Your Vacant Property Protection Needs in Phoenix

If you own a vacant residential or commercial property in the Phoenix area, Titan Alarm can provide a cost-effective security system that will fully protect your property and give you total peace of mind. Contact us for more information regarding how to secure a vacant house or business and to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today.

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Top School Safety Technology


Why is school safety important, and why is technology important in schools? One only has to look at the proliferation of active shooter incidents and other acts of violence occurring in schools across the U.S. in recent years to understand the need to protect our kids. Technology can play a critical role in school safety efforts by helping to detect and deter various security threats. In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the top school safety and security technologies that are currently available.

Electronic Access Control

Allowing individuals to enter a school or campus building at will poses a significant security risk. Keycard access systems enable schools to maintain control over who can enter a building at any given time. Unlike a traditional lock-and-key system where locks need to be changed if a student or teacher loses a key, the access control system administrator only needs to deactivate a misplaced keycard. For maximum security, a card-reading device should be placed at every building entrance, not just a main door.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras serve as extra sets of eyes that can provide 24/7 monitoring of the most vulnerable security areas on a school property. Cameras provide live feeds that can be viewed by school officials throughout the day. They can also make available recorded video for review by administrators and even law enforcement personnel if a break-in or other event occurs.

Visitor Check-in Systems

Simply requiring visitors to sign in at the office upon arrival may not be enough to deter an individual with intent to do harm: You can never really know for sure who that person is and what is in his background. Electronic check-in systems connected to a database are now available that can scan the visitor’s state-issued ID. The school official will receive an alert if there is something in the individual’s background that warrants concern.

Panic Buttons

School safety technology is also available for individuals. One example is a panic button that teachers and administrators can attach to a belt or wear around their neck. When a classroom incident or other security issue occurs, the individual simply presses the button, which sends an immediate alert to school officials and authorities. The key benefit of panic buttons is that no time is wasted by having to make a phone call or run to another area of the building to seek help.

Emergency Alerts

An emergency alert system facilitates communication among school officials, students, parents and the community during a crisis. It can also prevent the spread of unfounded rumors, which is often an issue when a security issue arises. Examples of emergency alerts include automated text messages or emails that are sent out at regular intervals.

Contact Titan Alarm Inc. to Learn More About Your School Safety Technology Options

Titan Alarm Inc. offers a wide range of technologically advanced security solutions to school systems throughout the Phoenix area. We can work with you to implement the best school safety and security technologies for your building or campus. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation security consultation today.

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Common Safety Mistakes in the Workplace


Every responsible employer wants to make their workplace as safe as possible. Safety is crucial in terms of keeping highly valued employees on the job and minimizing the number or workers’ compensation claims a business experiences. However, there are several common safety mistakes employees make, many of which can be reduced or even eliminated through proper and frequent safety training and by implementing appropriate security measures.

  • Slipping/falling: Falls are among the top safety issues at work. In many cases, falling occurs when an employee slips on a puddle of oil or other wet material or due to improper use of a ladder. Improper placement and storage of boxes or equipment is another safety mistake that often leads to tripping and falling.
  • Improper handling of toxic materials: Workplace safety concerns are high in environments where workers are exposed to toxic chemicals or potentially deadly gases. Employers must train their team on how to safely work with and around these common workplace hazards and ensure they are doing all they can to make their workplace as safe as possible.
  • Improper lifting techniques: Improper lifting is a common safety mistake in workplaces that require the handling of heavy objects. Basic safety instruction in any material-handling environment should include how to avoid placing unnecessary strain on the back when lifting.
  • Ignoring a minor injury: Some employees choose to ignore what they view as a minor injury. However, an untreated injury could worsen over time and result in the employee having to miss a significant amount of work. In some cases, the failure to treat an injury in a timely manner could lead to a life-threatening situation.
  • Failing to report inappropriate/unsafe conduct: Employees are often reluctant to report unsafe behavior conducted by their co-workers because they don’t want to make waves or fear retaliation. However, allowing the behavior to continue can place other employees at risk and even lead to a serious safety incident.
  • Inadequate supervision: The action – or inaction – of supervisors may contribute to safety mistakes committed by their subordinates. For instance, a supervisor may fail to take adequate corrective steps when an employee is not following proper safety procedures. Some supervisors may also assume that, because the employees have taken part in safety training, they automatically know how to work in a safe manner and no additional supervisor intervention is necessary.
  • Not having a safety-first mindset: Even the most effective safety programs and supervisory practices will have little impact unless the employees themselves make safety their top priority. Having a safety-first mindset can go a long way toward preventing the most common safety mistakes.

Contact Titan Alarm Inc. to Learn About How a Security System Can Help You Detect Safety Mistakes

Installing a video surveillance system that makes use of technologically advanced IP cameras can allow you to monitor safety practices in your most vulnerable work areas. If your business is based in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, contact the commercial security experts at Titan Alarm Inc. to learn more about your video surveillance options.

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Things to Teach Your Employees to Help Keep Your Business Safe


How safe is your business? Virtually every business is vulnerable to a wide variety of security risks these days. In addition to threats to physical safety, the way your employees use the internet, email and social media at work could also increase your exposure to a potentially devastating data breach. Here are a few things you should teach to your staff to minimize your security threats.

  • Make it a team effort: If you allow employees to open your place of business each day, make it a two-person operation. After unlocking the door, have one employee remain outside while the other checks the interior to ensure the premises is secure. If you send employees to the bank to deposit your business’s cash proceeds, make sure this is always handled by two staff members.
  • Be alert for suspicious individuals: Your security awareness training should include teaching employees to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals or activities. Instruct them to alert management or security personnel immediately if something seems amiss. In larger facilities, consider requiring all employees and visitors to wear ID badges.
  • Have a disaster plan in place: One of the most critical safety tips for employees in the office is to develop a plan that instructs them how to react in the event of a crisis. Appoint employees who have specific leadership responsibilities if a crisis occurs. Also, be sure to conduct drills on at least a semiannual basis so your employees can practice your plan’s execution.
  • Teach parking lot awareness: Employees are especially vulnerable when walking to and from their vehicles, particularly at night. In addition to keeping your parking lot well lit, teach your employees to be aware of their surroundings as they enter and leave the building and to look inside their vehicle prior to unlocking it.
  • Consider offering self-defense training opportunities: Offering to pay for self-defense training classes can serve as an employee perk, while also ensuring your employees know how to defend themselves should they become the target of a physical tack within or outside your facility.
  • Protection against data breaches: A data breach can cause irreparable harm to a business’s reputation, especially if sensitive customer information falls into the wrong hands. Your employee information security training initiatives should include teaching your staff to follow safe computer hygiene practices. Make sure they choose strong, complex passwords that are difficult to break by hackers. Also, provide instruction on how to detect suspicious emails, as well as what constitutes appropriate and safe social media use in the workplace.

Install an Effective Business Security System

Installing a state-of-the-art security system is one of the most important security measures you can implement for your business. If your business is located in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, Titan Alarm Inc. can provide a comprehensive, fully integrated commercial security solution that includes advanced video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and video verification systems. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation, on-site security consultation today.

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