Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs Maintenance

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

One of the worst times to realize your emergency lighting isn’t working is during a power outage or emergency when it’s actually needed. With proper testing and inspection you’ll be able to rely on the fact that your emergency signs and lighting are all functioning properly. The minimum time that is required to keep the lighting working in an emergency situation is 90 minutes, that way during the time that the signs and lighting are illuminated people can evacuate the building and premises safely and efficiently. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you have your emergency lighting and exit signs inspected and maintained.

During your inspection, testing and maintenance of your emergency lighting and exit signs, a Titan Alarm technician will make sure to inspect all of the units in your building and premises, and make sure the lights are all working when they are needed in an emergency or power outage. Each of the units that are being tested, will be trigged to their emergency stages, to check that all of the lighting and signs are functioning for 90 minutes.

emergency lighting 



Codes and Standards 

Every business and their premises need to abide by certain codes and regulations set by the local, state and federal government. All of these requirements will affect different areas of a business, things like accessibility, environment and systems, and more for different businesses. The International Building Code or best known as IBC for short, sets most standards for buildings. Not every building and business though, is required to listen to every rule and code the IBC sets.


The International Building Code and National Fire Protection

Many of the standards that the IBC has in place have to do with fire safety and prevention for businesses. With such a large focus on fire safety and prevention, it shows just how important it is to maintain and have your systems checked and inspected regularly. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets all of the standards for fire safety related practices.

The National Electric Code, also known as the NFPA 70 is the code that requires you to make sure that the emergency lighting and exit lights are all under a specific type and code, to make sure they are all functioning properly.

The NFPA rules, codes and regulations do require you to make sure you regularly keep a certain level and standard of different safety measures. The codes also require you to keep your emergency lighting and exit signage in fully operational and functional.


NFPA 101 and What You Need To Do

The Life Safety Code, or also known as the NFPA 101 is by far one of the most important codes your business and premises need to follow. Part of this code requires that you have a monthly inspection done of your business’s emergency lighting and exit signs. Requiring that each unit be tested for a minimum of at least 30 seconds.

Titan Alarm wants to help you and your business be compliant with the NFPA codes and local, state and federal regulations for the safety of your business and it’s employees. To get in touch with a Titan Alarm technician give us a call today and we can set an appointment to have a technician out on your premises.

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Required Testing of Emergency Exit Lighting

Most of the emergency lighting that is installed in businesses are lighting devices that contain a battery and are simply powered. These devices are also connected to the electrical supply of the building to help keep the battery inside the lighting charged and ready to go if there is a power failure. In the emergency event of there being a power outage, the emergency lighting is then activated so that the occupants of the building are able to see their way around to be able to exit. Most emergency lighting is only able to stay lit for around 90 minutes, which is the minimum required time by law.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Exit signs that are lit from the inside operate in the same way as most emergency lights. Many of them have multiple sets of light bulbs because they constantly stay on. One set of the lights that is on most of the time operates at 110 volt electricity which is what the building has hardwired into it. The second set of lighting only comes on when there is a power failure. Which unfortunately means that signs that look like they are working properly, may actually have the secondary bulbs burnt out and you may not even know.

In large buildings like hospitals and schools, emergency power for the exit signs and emergency lighting is normally powered by an emergency electricity generator. When testing these emergency lighting, the emergency generator is normally tested as well. Which is normally done by either maintenance of the building, or by trained professionals who know the ins and outs of emergency lighting and electricity.


What type of testing does code require?

Fire codes require that all emergency lighting and exit signs need to be inspected, tested and maintained at least once a month. The testing of the signs must include at least a thirty second test of the emergency lighting.

An annual testing and inspection is also required by law, the emergency lighting must also be operated on emergency power for a minimum of ninety minutes. Records that document the testing being done, must be maintained and reviewed by the Fire Marshal or your insurance company.

How do I test them?

Most emergency lighting and exit signs have a “test” button on the outside casing. You can push and use this button for thirty seconds to go and test the emergency bulbs and the back up battery power. This method works well if you have a smaller building with only a handful of signs and lighting, but if you have a large facility you need to contact Titan Alarm to have our professional technicians to come out and test all of the lighting and signage across your campus and facilities.

When testing the exit signs of your buildings you need to check and see if all of your signs are properly lit when in a normal power mode.

When running your annual inspection of your exit signs and emergency lighting make sure you call Titan Alarm and set up an appointment to have one of our trained and experienced professionals to come out to your facilities to run the testing for you.

Key Tips For Testing Emergency Lighting

When it comes to testing and inspecting your emergency exit signs in your commercial facilities, there are only two main components to check to make sure that your emergency signs and lighting are fully operational. Light Bulbs and Batteries. These are the priority to be inspected and tested during routine maintenance on your facilities. National fire code requires that all of your facility’s emergency lighting and signage be inspected at a minimum of once a month.

There are different models of signage and lighting, some of them will have two different sets of light bulbs that need to be checked during your monthly tests as well. One of the sets runs on the buildings 110v power and the other runs on low voltage in case of a power failure. These lower voltage light bulbs run off of the built in reserved battery. Unfortunately, a sign that looks like it’s working, may actually fail if there’s a power outage because the low voltage light bulbs have burned out.

Just like the lighting, many of the batteries maintain just enough of a charge to keep the bulbs lit for only a few seconds after being triggered in an emergency. If you don’t go through and test the reserve batteries for a minimum of thirty seconds, you might find out that the lights work every month only to realize that they go out when you need them the most. By testing the lighting for at least another thirty seconds, you can make sure that your batteries don’t only have a misleading surface charge left on them.

Annual testing of emergency signs is a standard code requirement also. This also involves running the lighting under emergency power for a full minimum of required testing of thirty minutes. Documents showing that all of the testing has been maintained need to be available for review in case a fire inspector requests to see them.

To test your emergency lighting, use the “push to test” button on the outside of the light’s housing. Press and hold this button for thirty seconds to test the light bulbs and the batteries to make sure they are functioning properly. If the lights dim instantly or the bulbs are not working, it’s time for some replacements and repair.

For larger facilities that have a lot of devices, or for the annual test, find your circuit breaker or fuse box that supplies your emergency lights power. Turn off the circuit breaker of the facility and make sure all of the lights are functioning through the testing period. If there is other equipment that uses the same circuit, make sure that nothing will get damaged by the interruption.

If you need help doing your monthly inspections, contact Titan Alarm today! Give us a call today 602-680-4567.

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Press Release March 2016

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Titan Alarm Inc. acquires assets from Arizona Fire Test Inc.

Arizona Fire Test Inc. has been operating in the greater Phoenix area since early 2000. While primarily focusing on new fire alarm installations, the company has generated a loyal base of customers who have grown to love the fast service and affordable pricing model offered.  Arizona Fire Test has also placed focus on fire alarm tests and inspections throughout the state of Arizona.   Owner Herman Portillo of Arizona Fire Test Inc. said, “I’m excited to be able to join forces and work full-time with Titan Alarm which will allow my customers the ability of adding on so many other services I was unable to offer them in the past.”  Mike Proudfit, CEO of Titan Alarm Inc. commented, “Arizona Fire Test Inc. was a terrific acquisition for Titan Alarm.  Acquiring this customer base and great people will allow us to move forward with a focus on serving the fire needs of customers here in the Phoenix area.”  The transaction was finalized on March 11, 2016.

As Titan Alarm Inc. works diligently to become the leader in company acquisitions in the Arizona market, Mike commented, “This was our first acquisition after lining up institutional funds through The Private Bank. We plan to complete 4-5 more this year.  It’s exciting to see the employees who come over and become a part of Titan Alarm’s company culture. There’s so much excitement to go forward in a better direction.”  Stay tuned as a second acquisition is in process with another local alarm company here in Phoenix. Titan Alarm anticipates completing this additional acquisition by the end of March 2016.

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The Basics of Fire Alarm Maintenance in Phoenix

A well maintained and serviced fire alarm system here in Phoenix,az is one of the most important steps to take in protecting your property and the people inside your buildings. However, a poorly serviced and maintained fire alarm, will lead to hazards in the safety of your building and fire alarm system. As a business owner you should always have your fire alarm system tested, inspected, and maintained at least once a year by a professional fire alarm company, like Titan Alarm.

You may be asking yourself, what does a fire alarm inspection for my company in Phoenix and beyond look like? Well here are the most common steps that are taken by our company to do a full inspection to make sure your fire alarm system is safe and properly functioning.


Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire alarm system maintenance and testing all starts with the visual inspection of your fire alarm system. When the technician is doing the visual inspection, they will be looking for things like damaged or missing notifiers, functioning pull stations, possibly alarm system components being installed in the wrong locations, and pieces of your system that may be out dated and need to be upgraded to keep you and your business safe with a functioning fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Inspections in Phoenix, Arizona

Every second counts when there’s a fire.


When you own a business, or own facilities, having a fire alarm system installed on the premises, isn’t enough to fully protect your business and facilities. For your protection and success, your fire alarm system needs to be running at maximum efficiency and it needs to comply with all local, state and federal fire codes. By following this, not only will it help boost your company and property’s safety, but it will also help reduce the expense that is spent when there is an emergency repair that needs to be done. When weighing everything that the inspection can hold, one of the biggest questions that comes to mind is “What does a fire alarm inspection look like and include?” Well the following points are just a few of the main points we hit during an inspection.

Titan Alarm’s certified fire experts share four steps of a fire alarm inspection:

1. Testing and calibrating fire alarm sensors. The sensors that will be tested include flame and smoke detectors, and the proper calibration requires the know how of the requirements needing for testing, failure modes and the procedures for re-installation.

2. Testing inputs. The expert performing this test should have specific knowledge of the system they are testing, specific to its settings and installation.

3. Setting the sensitivity levels. This also requires an understanding of the system, its application and the fire detection theory.

4. Checking battery levels. Noting the expiration date is important as well as if there is any corrosion occurring. If necessary, the appropriate action should be taken to replace the battery.

While all of these steps are critical to your system’s proper functioning, there are also many other steps that the Titan Alarm team includes in our full coverage approach to current fire alarm system evaluations and possibilities to upgrade to a new fire alarm system and design. During our evaluation, there will be multiple factors being played into the equation of the evaluation, such as  an the system’s age, the efficiency of the fire alarm system and maintenance.


Fire Alarm Maintenance, Testing and Inspection

Here at Titan Alarm, we use a very strict and rigorous routine to make sure that our fire alarm testing process goes above and beyond to ensure that your system is functioning and keeping you safe at all times. During our Testing, Inspection and Maintenance of your Phoenix Fire Alarm System, we will test the following:

  • Test the alarm control panel functions
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Clean all smoke detectors with nitrogen
  • Test all manual pull stations and heat detectors to make sure they interact properly with the alarm panel
  • Test and inspect all audible and visual devices to ensure that they are unobstructed and activate properly when required
  • Perform a random check of circuit supervision to ensure the fire alarm panel detects an open circuit
  • Load test stand-by batteries and check auxiliary functions, such as door or damper release
  • Test stand-by battery charger
  • Verify the central station monitoring company received the appropriate signals
  • Test remote annunciator to verify it accurately portrays where the alarm exists in the protected premises
  • Test duct detectors and ensure proper unit shutdown, when necessary
  • Check any auxiliary devices, including door holders and duct dampers, to make sure they activate properly


Fire Alarm Maintenance – Documentation

Once our trained technicians finish the maintenance service required for your Fire Alarm System, we will make sure you receive a copy of the records we have taken in case we have found any issues, and you will also receive recommendations on how we can improve your system and also what needs to be repaired on your fire alarm system as well. As the owner of a business, you are the one who is responsible for making sure the repairs are done and up to standards. If the repairs are not done properly, they can be subject to be fined. Once the fire alarm system testing and inspection is finished, we will provide you with total documentation of our visit and process.

Fire alarm testing, inspection and maintenance is the most important thing you can do to protect your property and your building. If you need service for your Phoenix or Arizona fire alarm, don’t wait – call Titan Alarm today!

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Funny Moments Captured on Video Surveillance


Wild and Funny Moments Captured on Video Surveillance


Video surveillance technology has been keeping homes safe and office buildings secure for many years. In addition to deterring trespassers, surveillance cameras provide footage necessary for identifying suspects in shop thefts, bank robberies and other illegal activities. Surveillance footage has also been the source of numerous laughs via clips made public of unsuspecting people doing silly, outrageous, clumsy and downright crazy things at moments when it seemed no one was watching. The following clips are among the most unintentionally funny moments caught by surveillance cameras around the world.


Oh, What a Relief It Is


Only the lonely feel no shame — at least when they’re behind closed doors. But for one man caught on a CCTV surveillance camera in the dead of night along the sidewalk of an unspecified locale, there was no shame when nature called. Footage shows him walking up the street toward the overhead lens, only to turn and face the street — sideways to the camera — to drop his drawers and unleash some recent meals with all the aim of a pigeon. Fortunately, the late-noughties video clip is distant and pixelated enough to not be nearly as disgusting for us as it must have been for the nearby alley rats on that fateful night.


I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No…


“If there’s something strange / in your neighborhood / Who you gonna call?” Seriously, the townsfolk of Parma, Ohio, might just need a local Ghostbusters chapter, or at least they could have back in 2007, when a floating blue thing was caught by surveillance cameras at Marathon gas station on the corner of State and Pleasant Valley. Footage shows the apparition hover in front of a window outside the adjoined convenience store.


Eventually, the blue presence floats downward to rest on the windshield of a parked, white vehicle before drifting upward and away. No one knows what the presence could have been, but locals flocked the station at the time to catch their own glimpses of this apparent ghost. One longtime local theorized it could have been a tribal spirit from an Indian reservation that once existed on the same grounds where the station now stands. Whatever it may have been, a reporter for the local news quipped it definitely wasn’t the ghost of cheap gas prices.

Hold ‘Em Up, Comic Book Style


In today’s world of cosplay, dressing like a ninja is unlikely to bat an eye no matter where you go. Back in 2007, however, a pair of sword–wielding ninjas weren’t playing when they walked into a Midwest Sunoco and overpowered the store clerk in an attempted heist. Though they managed to collect all the cash in the register, the two suspects — believed to be female — failed to open the big safe that contained most of the store’s cash supply. Nonetheless, they made off with a bag full of cigarette cartons and pre-scratched lottery tickets. Now that must have raised their odds. Police investigating the matter cared less about the pair’s choice in attire and more about their choice in weapons.

Let Me Have That Toy, Little Boy


When a robber pulls a weapon, the best thing to do is obey. When a robber chooses an odd, short-range utensil he apparently has no skill at using, the best thing to do is play along until he jinxes himself. In one incredibly clumsy 2014 attempted robbery, footage shows a teenaged would-be bandit trying to rob a station clerk in an unspecified, Asian-community establishment.


Hoping to show the clerk he’s serious, the boy momentarily holds a small woman hostage with a meat cleaver, which he proceeds to swing up and down through thin air in an attempt to seem intimidating. The clerk appeases the boy, who quickly fills his duffel bag and heads for the exit, which turns out to be locked. As he struggles to break out, security guards approach him from behind. Backed into rows of chairs, the boy feebly swings his cleaver, but the guards have bigger weapons in hand: a push broom and a baton.


If He’s Light Enough for the Pillion, He Ain’t Heavy Enough for the Heist


Balancing acts are usually planned with contingencies in mind. When a pair of burglars show up on one motorcycle, the plan is simple: One goes inside to get the loot, while the other stays at the bike for a fast getaway. The worst that can happen is the cops might arrive before the partner comes back out, in which case the rider might have to flee on his own.


In footage captured across the street from a business named Mercadinho, however, things went as no one would have planned. The pair pulls up on a motorcycle, and the pillion rider runs inside to do the deed. Seconds pass by, but instead of emerging from the business triumphantly, the burglar is thrown bodily out the window. Before the now-shirtless burglar can remount the passenger seat, his partner zooms off without him.

Come On, You Knuckleheads! We Gotta’ Get Them Knuckleheads!


When it comes to catching bad guys, few busts could run smoother than when a pair of squad cars corners the getaway vehicle perpendicularly while the latter sits parked against a curb with the suspects huddled inside. Such was the case for a police team responding to one daylight robbery in an uptown neighborhood, where footage shows three suspicious men running outside and into their getaway car with large bags in hand.


Hitting the gas, they barely drive a foot before two police cars pull up sideways in what appears to be a barricade. Jumping from their vehicles, police officers run towards the suspects’ car… and run right past it without stopping to storm the building the trio just exited! This gives the burglars all the time they need to weasel their way around the two cop cars to make a getaway. As soon as they disappear, the police team emerges from the building, looking up and down the street in exasperation. They got away!

Splash Goes the Caviar Soirée


To the connoisseur of fine wine, price is prestige. Some of the world’s most dedicated tasters will pay upwards of five figures for wines bottled decades ago in the vineyards of France and Italy. Even liquor departments in the U.S. Midwest are noted for carrying wines that boast three-figure prices. At one department in Sheboygan, Wisc., this gave way to a splash of cash in one crash when a wall-spanning shelf stocked with hundreds of bottles came loose at one end and instantly toppled over. At an average retail price of $149.00 per bottle, you could say it was more than just a case of sour grapes gone down the drain.


Hi, Trish, I’m in the Street-Level Concourse. Meet Me in the…YIKES!


For a lot of people, smartphones have become an extension of the human body. You can’t work without one, shop without one or dine without one. Chances are you can’t even sleep without one at your bedside. While laws have been passed against texting and driving, one woman made an unintended argument against texting and walking when doing so plunged her straight into a fountain at Berkshire Mall in Reading, Penn.


Surveillance footage shows the woman — merchandise in her left hand, smartphone in her right — fixated on her device while proceeding through a concourse, oblivious to the fountain in her trajectory. With a step too far, she plunges straight over the knee-high fountain edge and plunges face-down into the water. At least she had nothing to be embarrassed about: Her only witness appears to have been the camera.


Mushrooms, Olives, Sundried Tomatoes and…Mothballs?


Everyone loves pizza. With so many toppings to choose from, it’s perhaps the favorite dish throughout America among meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Sometimes, however, not all of those toppings are what you might have had in mind, at least not for the unlucky party that happened to be served by one unscrupulous Domino’s Pizza delivery man. In a viral, aerial surveillance clip, we see him pull up in a driveway and exit a delivery car, place the hot bag onto the hood, pull out the pizza box and turn toward the door.


Suddenly, the box slips through his hands and hits the concrete, alongside a smattering of loose toppings. He frantically picks the toppings up off the concrete and…places them back on top of the pizza. In seconds flat, he closes the box, puts it back inside the hot bag and turns toward the door, where the customer — unaware of the added goodies in store — pays him and takes the box. Not that it would be much more comforting, but one could only hope the driveway in question wasn’t too dirty. So what’s on your pizza tonight?


I Only Work as a Guard Because t
he Circus Isn’t Hiring Right Now


One would think any business requiring security staff would ensure that its guards are adequately trained and adept to the corridors of an assigned premises. In one viral surveillance clip from the late-noughties, however, a guard at an unidentified grocery store proves less capable of running through the checkout gate than your average five-year-old. The jumpy video shows him walking briskly through the produce section and reaching the gate, where he suddenly does a 270° body flip over the low, metal bars.


Despite the briskness of his head-down, back-landing flip, he got straight back up and proceeded with his duties, apparently unscathed. The flip could have actually been impressive…had it occurred under a big top. Perhaps he should consider a new career as a gymnast.


Let’s Put Our Masks on Right Here Where No One Will See Us


A disguise put on in front of others isn’t really a disguise. A pair of young Londoners understood this while embarking on their first robbery, but what they didn’t realize was that their faces were caught on alleyway surveillance as the two men slipped on masks before proceeding to their target. Needless to say, both suspects’ budding criminal careers were cut short — at least for the time being.


At Least It Will Fertilize the Soil


They say when you gotta go, you gotta go. Sometimes, however, nature calls at the worst times and places. Such was the case for a man caught on surveillance inside Winnipeg Square on one reasonably busy day in the late noughties. The middle-aged, casually attired individual is seen from across the concourse, leaning against the mirrored wall and apparently waiting for a moment’s clearance of foot traffic. Inching towards a nearby planter, he turns his back to the tree, makes a slight bend and lowers his drawers while backing rear–-own into the planter.


While nothing is seen actually exiting his body — thanks in part to the distance of the camera — the act appears to last all of ten seconds, after which he’s forced to sit tight for another ten seconds as more people pass through the area. Once the coast clears, his legs rise in tandem with his pants, but he fumbles for another 20 seconds before vacating what now must have been a stench-engulfed area. Though no arrest warrants went out for this unidentified public defecator, word has it the mall has since dispensed with planters.


Bust a Move, White Boy


Goofing around on the job is common. When you’re a tax-paid servant of the community, however, scandals can ensue if evidence of your hijinks are leaked to the public. At a convenience store in Utah, the booming sounds of Silento from over the PA inspired an impromptu two-step sequence from Officer Bryson Lystrup of the Pleasant Grove Police Department. What the shaky-hipped, wavy-handed cop didn’t realize is that his white boy moves were captured by overhead surveillance, footage of which was quickly leaked to social media. Lucky for Officer Lystrup, his colleagues seemed to agree with the public in that the viral star’s worst crime was bad dance moves. The police department issued a statement saying they intended to get the officer some help…because his timing was way off.


Those Bills Were Just Screaming for My Hands


One would think that when the urge strikes, a robber would at least be conscious of his immediate surroundings. It’s unclear what the intentions might have been of one hooded individual as he approached the counter at a drugstore to make a small purchase, but when the clerk walked away from the still-open register, he just couldn’t resist. Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush that rendered him unmindful of the security guard that had just passed behind his back, but no sooner had his hands reached the bills than there was a Glock pointed to the back of his hooded head.

Do I or Don’t I Wanna Rob This Store?


Some crimes are confusing upon playback, such as the instance where one roly-poly, gaudily-attired individual threw a rock at the sliding-glass door of a Redding, Calif., convenience store in the dead of night. If he was hoping to break into the closed store to commit a robbery, why did he split in the other direction the moment the rock bounced from the window after merely causing a crack? Surely he was confident no one was watching him, or else he wouldn’t have been so bold as to mask himself only after peeking through the window to determine the store was empty.


Of course, the surveillance camera from inside the store got a clear recording of his likeness. Given the unnamed rock-thrower’s distinct physical stature and penchant for wildly patterned clothing, one could only imagine the number of leads that the local police must have received once the story aired. If nothing else, he’s one helluva sprinter.


Slam-Dunk Deals on Aisle 9


Shopping can be a form of exercise. You push a cart from aisle to aisle, you lift and lower objects of varying weight — throw in some good target practice, and you could get a hefty workout. In one YouTube video compilation, shopping is shown to be a more efficient activity among those who’ve worked some basketball into their cart-target game. The act is simple: Leave your cart in one place, and when you find an item you want, toss it over and in.


Some people have become quite expert at the sport, as the video shows one person taking aim from the second aisle down and another tossing items with the far hand without eyeing the target. One segment shows two people in neighboring aisles where each makes perfect aim — one with her back turned — to the opposite aisle. Judging by the lumpy-legged pants of the first cart-shooter, the trend appears to date back as far as the fashion-challenged late-90s/early-00s era. Just be sure not to ricochet a can off the back of the store guardsman.


If I Keep It off the Ground Through This Whole Routine, I’ll Eat It


Turns out basketball isn’t the only sport that’s been appropriated to the ritual of shopping. In one surveillance snippet from 2007, a woman picks a lettuce head from a produce aisle and proceeds to utilize some obvious soccer skills. After balancing the iceberg on her forehead, she juggles it between her knees and passes it between her right foot, forehead, chest and back to her knees.


With cart situated afar, she knee-thumps the iceberg high into the air and head-thumps it straight into the cart. Though this fair-haired flare-wearer is virtually impossible to identify due to limitations in the footage quality, it would be a crime if she wasn’t part of a soccer team — or a circus act.


I Know a Place the Guards Can’t Inspect


We’ve heard about the places where shoplifters hide the evidence: up the sleeve, in the jacket, down the shirt, in the pants. But up the skirt? An overhead surveillance clip from 2011 reveals a young woman who manages to slip a wrapped beverage crate up her long, white, loose-fitting maxi skirt. Browsing between aisles with two friends, the footage shows her turn towards the bulk-drink section, where she kneels down before the lowest stack and slides a 24-pack between her legs and up the fabric.


Miraculously, she rises up and walks like normal as she and her friends proceed to their next destination. Say what you will about her leg-bracing skills, but store-owners everywhere now have all the more reason to hope high hemlines remain the fashion forever.


Where Can I Get Video Surveillance for My Home or Business?


When it comes to surveillance cameras and other security equipment, Titan Alarm Inc. offers products designed for today’s smart homes and buildings. Owned and operated in Phoenix, Ariz., our systems are easily installed for residents and business owners in the area without the involvement of a 1099 contractor.


With our security system, you can control your alarms, cameras, thermostats and more via simple commands on your smartphone. With our equipment, you’ll always known who’s entering or leaving your property. You could capture or deter criminal activity…or maybe you’ll catch some of your own hilarious surveillance moments. For all of your home and business security needs, contact Titan Alarm Inc.: the best video surveillance installer in Arizona.

Learn More About Commercial Video Surveillance

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When To Replace Your Old Security System

When you’re in bed at night after a long day of work, how safe do you really feel? Can you peacefully go to sleep knowing your house is burglar-proofed?

A home security system from Titan Alarm adds an extra strong deterrent for burglars to your home. A study conducted in 2013 by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has proved that a home security system really does help keep burglars away, the survey was done using convicted burglars. They found with the survey that 83% of them would try to find out if a home had an alarm system before attempting a break in. If there was an alarm, 50% of them said they would stop the burglary and another 11% said they would still attempt it.

Although the survey was only done 3 years ago, the times have changed and many more burglars have become much more aggressive. Despite the rise in home security systems, burglary and home break ins increase every year. Which leads us to this question, can your old security cameras and home alarm systems cut it in this new technologically advanced world? Knowing when to update and get a new alarm system is just as important as having an alarm system. Here are the six best times to replace your security system.


1. When Your Alarm System is Old and Outdated.
Believe it or not, about 25% of convicted burglars said that they cut alarm, and power wires, before breaking into a house. Which means wired security systems are old and outdated. Titan Alarm’s security systems are all wireless, this way no burglar can cut the cables going into the alarm. Wireless security systems are also affordable, easy to install and extremely easy to operate, especially from your mobile phone or tablet!

Another red flag to your current outdated alarm system, is when you keep receiving false alarms. With Titan Alarm’s security systems, you can adjust and set the sensitivity levels of your security system. There’s also notifications and monitoring to check if motion detected or video surveillance shows suspicious activities. You can avoid false alarms, by updating the technology you have in your house and the security system you are using currently. This will keep you stress free and worry free by having a functioning system and not causing panic to false alarms.

burglar alarm



2. When burglars have new technology.
Just because there is new technology releasing for security companies, don’t think that burglars aren’t acquiring new technology as well. Burglars are learning what they are going up against and they are learning new tips and tricks with all of the new technology that is being released.

The Telegraph has recently stated that there are more and more burglars who are becoming technologically savvy, there have been many reports of burglars using metal detectors to target homes with expensive jewelry and expensive devices. There was also another report that stated that burglars are using drones to keep an eye out for and on police while they are in the middle of home invasions and burglaries. They have also started using social media like Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on when people are going on vacation and will be out of town. Some burglars have even reported they use technologically advanced tools like Google Earth to target homes and yards to route out a burglary.

Your burglar alarm monitoring system needs to always be one or two steps ahead of the game, that way a burglar will never beat your system because it’s old and outdated. With Titan Alarm your home security system will be able to be accessed remotely. You’ll also be able to change and update settings all from your smart phone, as well as receiving updates as to when something is happening in your house if you’re not there. Real-time alerts can be the difference of stopping a burglary in it’s track or having your prized possessions stolen.



3. When your security system has failed.

If you had a security system that has failed in the past and your house has been burglarized, then your security system falls into the category of needing to be replaced and updated. After your home was broken into that’s the time when it is the most vulnerable to being burglarized, which is also one of the most important times to update and get a new security system. You also need to consider if the monitoring you are paying for is really worth what you are paying for or if your monitoring is outdated as well. Titan Alarm’s monitoring station is cutting edge and is always updating and advancing it’s techniques.

An estimated 20% of households are broken into more than once, burglars tend to return to previously broken into houses. Burglars love to stick to places they know and are familiar with, and since they already know how your house is laid out, they know where your prized possessions are hidden as well. Making their invasion quick and easy for them to be in and out.




4. The crime rate is on the rise. 

One of these mornings you will wake up to the inevitable news that one of your neighbors houses has been broken into, or even worse, yours. The crime rate is on the rise in almost every city in America and it’s on a rise across the state of Arizona. This means that now, more than ever, your home needs to be protected and on lock down to guard your family and your possessions. Call Titan Alarm and have one of our professionals come out to your house or business and have the professionals give you a customized assessment and run down of all of the spots a burglar can get into your house with, and solutions as to how to protect them.




5. Smartphone accessible security is the future.

A smart home, is a secured home. The newest, most cutting edge security systems are all controlled with your smart phone or tablet. With such easy accessibility, it makes it a no brainer that if your current security system, isn’t a smart one, then it’s time for you to get smart and get a new smart home security system for yourself and your house. Updating your home security system, so that it constantly updates as the times change is a must. If you’re always on the go, a smart home will help you keep peace of mind. With remote access to video monitoring and instant notifications if anything is to happen in your home, then it will help you stay in the loop with your house while you are away.

smart home



6. More bang for your buck.

Now a days, home security systems do a lot more than just arming and guarding your house. A Titan Alarm home security system can also incorporate building a smart home, with access to control your thermostat, lights, doors and so much more, they’re not just cost efficient, but you save money because home automation is incorporated into home security now. If you’re wanting to protect your house, and automate it, then the time is now to go ahead and switch and get a customized solution installed in your house by the professionals at Titan Alarm.

The security industry as we know it, is constantly updating and evolving as burglars become more tricky, and as the times get more dangerous. It’s important to keep your home security system updated so that criminals cannot easily access them and manipulate them. Now that you can do even more with your home security system all from the palm of your hand with your smart phone, it just makes sense to update and get a new security system.

To get a professional out to your location or to learn more about updating your home security system, call Titan Alarm at 602-680-4567 or text Titan at 623-523-4849.


Learn More About Home Security

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Home Security Monitoring

As we are approaching spring and summer, families and young adults are off to start making their life changing plans to go to new places and to create new memories, which in so many of these instances, the smaller things in life, like your home’s security, is often forgotten about and a burglary can occur. Luckily with advancement in technology, modern security is much more available to us, at our fingertips on our mobile smart phones. Titan Alarm’s security systems have many uses, including residential and commercial.



Home Video Monitoring

With the advances in technology, IP cameras now come in waterproof and night vision models, making them perfect for both inside and outside installation. With Titan Alarm’s home security system, there is monitored video feeds 24/7 to central station and digital video recorders for use from home to business. The cameras that Titan Alarm installs with your customized solution also offer remote monitoring to an app installed on your smart phone! So no matter how far away from your house you are, you can still check in on your house and see what all is happening. Perfect for the pet owner who’s on the go, or the working parent who wants to make sure their kids are safe!



Instant Notifications

Another awesome feature that comes with a home security system from Titan Alarm is instant notifications. Instant notifications, for those of you that don’t know, is when you see on your phone’s home screen that something has happened at your home, such as your system has been armed, or the front door was left unlocked. That way you can make sure you’re up to date with everything that’s happening in your house, even if you’re not there! This option is great for the parent on the go, who want’s to get notification of when their kids are coming and going from the house, and it makes it simple to know if there’s any activity happening at the house that shouldn’t be. You can also set this system to give you notifications as to when the front door has been locked, when the system has been armed, or when the motion detector senses motion in the house. The best thing is all of this is customizable for your own personal needs.



Digitally Controlling Home Functions

Another awesome advantage to having a Titan Alarm Residential Security Alarm System is having the ability to really customize and monitor your home all from your tablet, smart phone or even your personal computer. There are even more advanced packages and solutions that we offer, that allow you the ability to adjust the lights, control the climate and even lock and unlock doors throughout your house!

Titan Alarm thrives to provide the best home security in Arizona, we have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry and want to be able to give you a personalized, customized experience that will be perfect for you and your needs, to protect your family and prized possessions.

If you have any questions about residential alarms or commercial alarms, call Titan Alarm today at 602-680-4567 or text us at 623-523-4849! 

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Residential Alarm Systems in Phoenix

Making sure that your home is secure, is almost as important as paying your bills and your mortgage. Having said that, there are so many options out there for security systems and residential alarms, a lot of people now are trying to install cheap DIY systems and unfortunately that won’t protect you and is a waste unless you have professionals do the install and monitor it. Having a set security system package installed in your house, that isn’t customized for what your house needs, can create a residential alarm system with quite a few flaws. A residential alarm and home security system from Titan Alarm will leave you as safe as can be. With our experienced specialists your home security system will be customized for your home needs and will be professionally installed and monitored. In a house having the security cameras placed properly allow the best monitoring that money can buy. There are so many options now with infinite combinations and remote access from a smartphone app.




A very large amount of burglaries that occur in the US happen around the hidden spots of entrance into your home. Side access doors, garage doors, and basement doors are all very vulnerable spots for a burglar that is looking for a dark hidden spot to break into a house. The areas that are away from public view are the most attractive for any level of burglar. They’ll take the opportunity to pick locks, and break down doors without being seen, and then steal from your house. With that being said, a Titan Alarm residential alarm system has monitoring and cameras, where you will have the advantage over the burglars if you have a residential alarm system set up correctly and professionally.



With the right lighting and security cameras positioned in the right places throughout your house and house’s entrances, they can be a deterrent to keep burglars away from your house. The stereotypical burglar is looking for a easy opportunity, and a quick in and out. If they even just see a video camera and a professionally handled and installed alarm systems make your house a hit they would rather avoid. If they still try to break in, your house is monitored and recording video, which will help with and prosecution and will assist with the local law enforcement agencies to catch the perpetrator.




Options For Installation

Titan Alarm uses the most cutting edge technology for all of your home security and automation needs, as well as Commercial Security and Automation too. Our customers have many different options to work with us, from a single camera to multi-room house full of cameras. Depending on your size and budget, we can make a custom fit security system solution for you.

If you have any questions about residential or commercial security systems, call Titan Alarm today! 602-680-4567 or text us: 623-523-4849.

Learn More About Burglar Alarm Systems

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