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Considerations for Outdoor Security Cameras

Considerations for Outdoor Security Cameras

Your phone alert dings, someone is at your front door. Were you expecting a package today? You swipe over to the app only to see your image is blurry. Looks like some dust or something is covering the lens. That’s going to be a problem. Outdoor security cameras are a...
Home Access Control Systems

Home Access Control Systems

Recently on the Titan Alarm blog we were looking deep at commercial access control solutions and how businesses could leverage them best. That’s just one half of our business though! Here at Titan Alarm we help secure residential buildings just as often as we install...

Do I Need Home Security in Phoenix?

Do I Need Home Security in Phoenix? Like many people you may be thinking, is a home security system really necessary? Well, the simple answer to this is, yes! No matter where you live nowadays, there will always be a necessity for home security. Today we are going to...

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

While the internet can serve as an invaluable learning tool and offer other benefits for our children, its use does pose certain risks. As many as 20 percent of kids will be subjected to some form of cyberbullying, and predators use the Web as a vehicle to connect...

Home Security Tips for Renters

Home security isn’t just for property owners. If you rent, you also need to keep yourself and your valuables safe. While you might not have as much control over every aspect of your security as you would if you owned the home, there are still several steps you can...

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